Monday, October 31, 2005

An Interesting Postmodern Possibility

A slimy political operative circulated the pre-scripted Democratic hit points on Alito. It, unfortunately contained a little bit more information than perhaps they wanted. Ah, the everbright light of the shining blog world. The Alito Hit Circular has a few interesting comparisons and metaphors included. The allusion to Italian mobsters, the little guy getting shafted by Trump, the cruelty against immigrants, its all here. But what is really fun is the metadata. One, the date, written just after Sandra Day's exit from the big bench. So nothing fresh, whoever the nominee is, just pull out the script. And then the author, prendergastc. They find a staffer at the DNC named Chris Prendergast, but wouldn't it be fun if it were someone with a similar name?

There is a fine piece of work in the New Left Review by Christopher Prendergast. It is enlightening to say the least. Or maybe I should say its the least bit enlightening. Ok, how about its pure liberal mental masturbation. It stinks. Whatever, there is some very funny parallels. One of the current postmodern precepts concerns key words and labels that characterize successful ideas and topics. The Democrats have embraced this idea wholeheartedly. For instance, a reduction in growth is a cut. They all have a moderate stance on abortion in public now. There were millions of jobs lost during a period of economic growth. We have seen it all, and can expect more of it. But there are a few choice cuts from the article I have to share. First is a little comment on rigging the results:

"But the dialectic does not come cheap. It is not a pre-given totalizing frame, effectively rigging the results in advance."

What is the price of your dialectic? And what they wish for is totalitarianism, not a totalizing frame. Oh, and if they could rig the results... But thats not the point. What we see here is leftist academic drivel. And I have taken it completely out of context, just like all the mainstream media quotes we listen to and read. I do it as tribute. The piece ends with a gut splitter:

"Saying the least here is saying a lot. It will be interesting to find out what, in these terms, the dialectic in action will give us."

So I think in the current instance the "dialectic in action" is clearly evident in the Hit Circular, whatever Prendergast it was written by. And I wonder what Chris thinks of metadata in terms of dialectic? Well, saying the least here is saying allot...

Thanks Cadwalj (rs) for making me laugh so hard I had to write this (Prendergast spell checks as Predigest).

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