Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Lie of Clinton's Justice

Why has this been ignored and suppressed? The mantra from the left has been to proceed against terrorist using the legal system. We have to be fair, we have to accord them rights that they do not have. But what if someone hinders the Justice system? What if politics mire the process? Well, we have a perfect example of why liberals are so wrong on this issue. Its provided to us by a exemplary member of the liberal establishment. Our boy Bill. Lets look at one of the attacks perpetrated upon us during his watch.

In June of 1996, the Khobar Tower complex was attacked killing 19 brave Americans. Some of the instigators of this terrible crime were caught. I wonder how the legal system worked? The former director of the FBI is releasing a new book soon, and in it he details the absolutely unbelievable actions of the Clinton administration. No need to wait for the book, former director Lois J. Freeh details this disturbing reaction to terrorism in a previous column. Is it any wonder that Americans are disgusted with liberalism? Even now in Clinton's "Media Express to Resurrect a Legacy and Get My Wife Elected" world tour he makes claims to being tough on terrorism. Not only is he not tough on terrorism, he almost directly encourages it by appeasement. So, the outcome of the investigation into the Khobar Towers under the Clinton administration? Nothing. Not even pursuing access to the suspects for FBI investigators.

If we have 19 brethren murdered in cold blood, and we know where the cowards are, what do we do? Apparently, if your a liberal, you roll over and hope no one notices. This should be criminal. It is getting my blood a little hot....

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