Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Global Citizen is a Socialist Liberal

Working as I do in the vaulted ivory towers, I come into contact with a large number of liberal socialists. In fact, academia is so polluted with socialism its very hard to converse honestly with a majority of colleagues. Talk about minority persecution! But I want to bring a interesting observation to the table. When I am talking to a liberal its fun to ask sometimes whether they consider themselves a "global citizen". You can guess the answer. Now having a world view and understanding the issues concerning humanity is a positive thing. And concerning ourselves with international topics and contributing with that focus I believe is one of the most important aspects of modern politics. We need to make contributions to support our ideals throughout the globe.

Its this global contribution that gets perverted under socialism however. There is no world government, but liberal socialists somehow believe the U.N. is one. And citizenship comes from being a part of a government. In fact some people I converse with are mentally a part of this non-existent government to the exclusion of their real citizenship. Constant opinionated messages come from these same mentally confused people. We are stealing the resources of the world. We are encouraging forced labor throughout the third world. We are the cause of famine, terrorism, civil wars, displacement, pollution, and crime the world over.

The Global Citizen I am talking about believes in this socialist unreality to the point of mental illness. And there is very little room for discussion, as a emotional connection to these beliefs based on opinion is deep. Which leaves us with very bright people operating under the delusion of "global citizenship". And citizenship in a hypothetical body where there is no security, no representation, no rights, no votes, nothing conferred upon the individual.

I contend that we should "think globally, act locally". For instance, voting for conservatives on the local level. Like supporting the emerging democracy in Iraq. By purchasing export products from growing world markets. In fact we have seen a huge change in China as a manufacturing state. And hopefully that will lead them to greater freedom as the standard of living increases. We should continue not doing business with oppressive dictators. Now the historical foreign policy of "my biggest enemies enemy should get my support" was a ill applied philosophy, and led to our complicity in horrendous events. Instead of this historic policy, we should punish governments that oppress. We should promote individual freedom for all people. And this goal is actually impeded by the liberal socialist movement.

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