Monday, October 03, 2005

On the Evolution of Intelligent Design

Here is a rant of mine on Intelligent Design that I sent off to some talk show host.............

I know you won't read this, but I have to get this off my chest. You do not understand science. The theory of evolution is a theory. But, there are innumerable instances of evolving species. That part is indisputable. We are changing. The whole realm of life is changing. Now, as a Christian I don't have any problem with that. And intelligent design is exactly right. But, it was designed to evolve. Or God is playing a huge joke on us.

Take the age of the universe. Its either billions of years old, or God made it look that way. And that is indisputable. I can measure the speed of light. I can measure how far the distant galaxies are from us. Light from them is observed in the sky.

So take fossils. They exist. Extinct dinosaur bones are real. Changing DNA phylogenetic records exist for many species. Hence, many species have evolved. Over millions of years. Sure, there are lots of gaps. But those are good. Lots of things to explore. However, the records do not support intelligent design as pushed by many proponents of it. And I do not believe God just popped the world into being and included a whole extensive record there to mislead us.

If your real problem is with mutagenisis, what would the fossil record look like if its was God designing each species? Does a plant just pop into existence? I mean there would be obvious appearances in the fossil record of brand new species unrelated to anything ever before it. But that is not the case! Even the most complex organism is related to something before it. So, as I believe, God is involved, as the designer of a system that evolved.

The real problem here is naive creationists repackaging a product that comes from the Victorian era church, and not cognition. Darwinism is no threat to Christ. Christ is the pinnacle of evolution. He sets the point in time when we can become perfect in his life.

Which begs the question for my Mormon friends, why would God need to send Christ twice? Did he make a mistake the first time?

I don't think God is out to trick us. If there is light from galaxies 13 billion light years away, the universe is at least 13 billion years old. You are just putting on blinders to not see that. If there are dinosaur skeletons turned to rock all over the place, dinos once roamed the earth. If there are clear phylogenetic trees that show species evolution, species can evolve. Does that mean God isn't involved? No, the spark of life comes from some hand. And at some point man gains self awareness. Clearly that is Gods plan. To love man. And to give man life in the spirit.

For your interest, there is one very major thing science has not been able to prove and is taken on faith. Time goes forward. There is no proof. And we just have to believe that it does, there is no proof. And that makes almost all science somewhat based on faith. There is no proof! When you
get up each day, you just observe that its the next day and say, "Yep, time is still going forward."

I really enjoy that last bit, as it forces some of my fellow science blowhards to pontificate in a contorted manor. They do have faith in something! That drives them nuts.

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