Monday, October 24, 2005

The Illegitimacy of Political Moderates

My new position is official. There is no Moderate. If one exists, they are rendered impotent immediately by lack of decision. Here is what the real "political moderates" are: Liberals. With a couple of exceptions for those who are complete media whores. Take John McCain. Is he a moderate? No, just a media whore. There is no moderation there. Now individual issues can have compromise solutions. But there is no platform that is driven by a platform of compromises. No one approaches a issue without predefined information and disposition as to an opinion.

I asked someone "Are you a moderate?" They responded positively. Try it anytime, you will be surprised. Then I quickly jumped in with "Do you support abortion on demand?" And I get a quick no. So you probe on to what the persons position on abortion is and it about as pro life as you can be. Thats no moderate. They just want everyone to like them. Call themselves moderate to avoid confrontation. And on the other side, I know people who salivate over McCain in one breath " the moderate that this country needs." And in the next breath parrot Moore's accusations straight from Farencrap 911 against the evil AWOL doper Bush. That is not a moderate.

There are no moderates. As a political label, its a misnomer. Now you might have moderate liberals as opposed to radical liberals, but I think you will find their core positions are about the same. And someone might call themselves a moderate republican, but I bet they are a liberal. In fact, we conservatives have a serious problem, because there are allot of "moderate" republicans. Look at the Coburn vote. Apparently there are twelve conservatives in the senate.

Now, many liberals were in support of the War in Iraq, so its not a particularly good issue for the detractors of my theory. Conversely, it does not contradict my assertion because there were no moderate positions on the war. And certainly the modern conservative position is to actively protect our national interest overseas. So I propose to call all moderates just plain liberals. And to combat the ridiculous compassionate conservative label. Conservatism is far more compassionate than the enslavement of liberal socialism, and it was so long before needing the compassionate moniker. If you have to call yourself moderate or compassionate, you need to get comfortable with your beliefs and positions as a conservative. Otherwise, your just another liberal.

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