Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Import Deport Retort

Are we about to be treated to a change in the Administration's policy on immigration? We can hope so, but as with many things Bush, do not get your hopes up. Have we been told in the past that there is millions being spent on border control? What about all the new Border Patrol Agents that we were promised years ago? So now we hear from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff about canceling the 'catch and release program'. The environmentalists were right! They want to remove all the fish from the rivers and lakes now. Do we believe this new get tough stance?

Immigration has been speeding up instead of slowing down. And along with the new get tough stance, we get more of this drivel about the guest worker. So the end result is basically, the very poorest, uneducated migrant illegals get a free pass still, and the rest get kicked out. I know personally two different individuals who have been deported. One from Australia, and one from Brazil. Both would have worked pretty hard to stay in the U.S. and if it weren't for tougher laws after 9/11, would be productive tax paying citizens here today. And they were not picking fruit. They were competing with other Americans for good jobs. Its a good free market system we have, and if there are people who truly want to share in the freedoms we should encourage it.

On the other hand we have this mantra about jobs no American would do. Thats a ignorant and I would say socialist position. The reason being we are subsidizing the farms, paying the health care, and providing the education for these people who are here illegally. Are we growing the welfare state with this policy? And if you paid a competitive rate, you can get anyone to do any of these jobs. If it is then two expensive to grow lettuce in Arizona, so what. Buy it from Mexico. We outsource millions of even higher quality jobs every year. Its ridiculous to support this program. And for those who spend years dealing with red tape and stupid bureaucracy just to stay in this country, its a slap in the face. More punishment for the achievers, and rewards for the criminals. That is the essence of Socialism.

For those who argue about how many jobs will be lost, and how many farms will be lost, get over it. Move on to things that are sustainable in our economy without subsidy either direct or hidden. If it was a debate about outsourcing Electric Boat to China, then yes, subsidize based on national security. Let the correct and successful model of free markets change the landscape and make us more efficient. If the people will pay for it willingly, then sell me my $6 lettuce. Otherwise, stop taking my money and giving it to a illegal immigrant. Even the great socialist states of Europe are cracking down on the influx, why do we persist in this dance? And Mexico itself has a completely tight border to the south keeping out the unwashed. Its time do deal with it correctly. If you are here illegally, you must leave.

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