Monday, January 30, 2006

Inflamitory Defined

I get questioned from time to time about the apparent misspelling of the title for this repository of peaceful correspondence. "Hey, Carlos, don't you know how to spell?" To be perfectly honest, I have serious issues with spelling, due to the combination of ADHD and Dyslexia. The later prevents me from remembering how to spell many words, and the former makes me not care. Fortunately, for geniuses like myself, there are computers to augment our engorged brains. Another vile symptom of the above combination is the propensity for creating words that don't exist. In this very spirit was The Inflamitory born. It's a place of flaming rhetoric. And to keep my head from exploding over my own brilliance, I retain a obvious flaw, a garish and glaring error. Or maybe I just didn't want all the traffic from arthritis sufferers looking for relief.

Does heated rhetoric in this context benefit society? It's a open question, but it sure provides maximum entertainment for connoisseurs of sarcasm. Much like the master Indian basket weavers, who leave one small error, just in case they had achieved perfection, for fear of God's Wrath, I too must bear a mark of flawed humanity. It is truly humility that balms the swelling brain, yea, the inflammation of the brain. So for all who have asked, thank you for caring. And for those who never noticed, I guess my phonetic spelling has achieved its intended purpose of subtle deviancy.

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