Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Freedom, Bombs, and Libs

I really appreciate one of the messages of Martin Luther King. The content of character is the most telling aspect of a mans worth. Yet, judgment is what he was commenting on. Don't judge things based upon appearance. Verify the content of what you see. That brings us to a little mail in celebration of MLK day.

Man, I tell ya… Not only is today Martin Luther King Day, enough to make any CCCRW cringe, But the news is so great… A lefty elected in Chile, and a woman at that! Another nitwit Republican on the way out the door in Congress for taking bribes, And, there are nationwide demonstrations in Pakistan against the crazy warmonger Americans who killed dozens by bombing a house.

Is General M on his way out! And why are American!!! Planes bombing in PAKISTAN!!! I MEAN, are we at war in Pakistan too? Who gave permission for this??? When Pakistan has it’s revolution, then: A. How do we get into and out of Afghanistan? (Speaking of which, notice the rise in bombings there? ) B. What happens to the atomic weapons WE helped Pakistan build? (Guess where they will go!) Scrub is gunna go down as the only president (yuk) who will have lost THREE wars! OK Scrub, Stay the Course!!! Don’t change a thing, no matter what the evidence or the outcome! Because GOD told you too! What an ass!

Well, what can I say. The complete discourse identifies well the attitude of the left, and their fatal addiction to Bush hatred. But I bring this out now, because today, a few days later, we find that the air strike in Pakistan was quite useful. By this report, we erased Al Qaida's bad boy bomber Midhat Mursi, well know for running Afghan terror training camps, especially the one with pets tied up to stakes for chemical weapons testing. Hey, that reminds me, where is PETA's condemnation of this guy? Anyhow, this appears to be a very nice outcome. I guess there was a nasty little meeting at the house and not some innocent tea party.

Liberals historically stood up for injustice, and MLK was one of the pinnacle examples. But socialism infected the movement, and now they stand for economic enslavement via government entitlement. They stand against the effort to rid the world of scumbags like the above terrorist. Their efforts are directed at hindering the US government, opposing this administration in every respect, except one. There is one non-partisan issue in Washington, and that is spending as much money as possible. And that brings us back to character. Where are the men of character in our leadership? If the Alito hearing was any clue, it is not within the party of the left. Can we judge the character content for the following: Kennedy, Biden, Leahy, Feinstein, Durbin, Schumer? Read their "questions" and tell me they aren't spineless hacks pandering to a screaming far left constituency. Disgusting.

The final comment here is simply in response to the first statement of the liberal. Equating the rise of leftist leaders in South America to MLK is not far off. He was a socialist liberal. Unfortunately, the most telling point when we come to judge his character, is his choice of clothing. What I mean by this is the abuse of organized religion to further a political agenda. What you ask? Yes, he was not likely a Christian, and simply used the pulpit as a ready made media resource. But, even with this stain, he would be ashamed of those "carrying the torch" in the modern day. Liberalism retains very few elements of the philosophy in the sixties apart from free love. Lets end with a chant of "Freedom, freedom for the people!"

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