Monday, February 27, 2006

A Grudge Match?

Looks like the Old Grey Lady is trying to take the gloves off. Do you think it is a good idea? A nice lawsuit against the government should perk up everyone in the newsroom cesspool, but will it help 'sway' the vast collection of Americans who like to see the government pursuing intel against terrorists? And what if it appears (rightly so) as a petty attempt to appear the victim of the Imperial Government Agencies of Doom, lead by the insidious Emperor Bush? There is a separate machine in action as well, the plodding cash vacuum that is the Justice department. But, lets root for them this time and hope for a glorious, long, and leaky investigation into the Grey Ladies Courtier. Nothing reaches the heights of entertainment like the news becoming the 'news'.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some Comments on Asian Racism

As I am held captive within the Peoples Republic of Hawaii, my thoughts drift to the matter of racism from time to time. I have commented on liberal race issues before, but at this point want to toss out a few observations. The first point is a comment by Mr. Bryant Gumbel about how the winter Olympics resembles a GOP convention in terms of its racial diversity. How stupid is this guy? If anyone cares to think about this little snafu, they may come to the conclusion that said sage of the airwaves has a problem with Asians. To the point of racism, nay, but excluding the amazing Olympic accomplishments of both Asian Nations and Asian Americans is pretty sad. Maybe he has a point, as that group does have considerable representation within the GOP. But, doesn't that negate the race baiting comment? All I can say is, keep up the good work. The farther out you alienate your views, the easier it is for true Conservatives of any color to gain more control of our country.

Now, for the second point of interest, you must participate in a quick test given by All Look Same. Go there and take the test, its free, easy, and completely anonymous. Done? What did you think? As I live in a diverse group of people, predominantly of Asian descent, I presumed a fairly high score, but not to be. My score was 7, completely average, in other words, I can't tell the difference. I guess they all look the same to me. But not for Tojo, who comes in forth on the worst genocide's list, with the purge of Chinese in Manchuria. Since we brought up the list, notice that the worst offender is Mao against his own people. Apparently what constitutes racism depends on the definition of the observer. If I can not identify a difference, is it still racism? Or does it matter? Or, in the case of the Democratic Party, neglecting the Asians or Latinos simply because they get so much mileage out of there own Black prejudicial attitudes, does that border on racist? No personal accusations intended here, but it does become very hypocritical to continually use race as a political tool in this era. How does it profit anyone?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Drowning in Possibilities

That is my new view on the journalist cesspool. There are so very many possible stories to try and nail Bush, its hard to know where to start. Today is a perfect case in point. The Vice President of the United States, shoots a old friend (probably in the back if your a journalist) and the press has a conniption. But not about the accident (wait, the friend is a lawyer, is it a accident? or just reflexes...), they go apoplectic because the White House let the ranch where they were hunting release the news, and said ranch did, to the local press. Oh, not to be done! What a snub in the face of the most important agency in the world! What disrespect for the very mouthpiece of all truth! Great shame spreads across the land...

Anyhow, there is much for a reporter to try out in the news. Bash Bush here, slam the troops there, spread visions of doom and gloom wherever possible. Yet it seems to not catch hold in the modern marketplace on a pervasive and dominant scale as it use to. Why aren't all Americans slathering at the mouth over the evil Empire Bush has created? Journalists everywhere are groping, consumed with that question. So we learn last week that Libby was authorized to reveal information in the NIE (National Inteligence Estimate) by his boss, who happens to be the shooter from above, much to the concern of those who got no presents for Fitzmas. If the train of events has left your memory (as any circus act is likely to), you can refresh yourself of the fun we have had on topic with this discussion of the leaks. Of course there is the whole Rove saga, and I have waxed eloquent, just search for it. Today, however, is media fun, with a little liberal snarky email for good measure:
The VP TOLD Libby to leak Plame's name!
I am shocked and dismayed…
I say, shocked and dismayed……

Now this had a tag line about reminding me of Casablanca, but that is a stretch as the line from Captain Renault reads something like "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" I didn't laugh, but its not the first time someone has quoted lines from that movie that don't exist ("Play it again, Sam"). Yes, like a broken record, or Sam playing it again, the left has rounded up the usual suspects and attributed dark conspiracy to Cheney. It's funny in a deep, satisfying way, not the cheap laughter from a can this. A bit of debunking can be had from NewsBusters, but what is really relevant here revolves around the central core of the cesspool, and how deaf, dumb, and blind the modern leftist crackpot journalist is. The reason it's circulating as it does indicates someone has pulled the plug from the drain hole. But with that much talent, it could be a while before it drains. And, as we can see, the story didn't catch, move on to the next hit piece before you drown or get sucked out the drain...

Capitalism Creates Wonders

I am a great advocate of free markets economics. Primarily, I see it as the natural dynamic for social growth and success. This is subjective to some extent, but the parallel for me is in the biologic world. There is constant competition for resources in any ecosystem, and no waste. What do I mean? Everything gets utilized and recycled, and the most successful organisms find ways to access the largest repository of resources. For example, the organisms that have the largest 'footprint' in the ecosystem are worms. Yes, if you could gather them all together, they would dwarf the biomass of anything else. How? Mainly from the fact they have dominated the greatest geographic area, the ocean floor. Think about the metaphor for a corporate giant like Walmart. Specializing in making a profit from the most basic commercial goods. Spreading themselves across the greatest area. Huge success, the worms of retail! And much like worms, derided by the elite as base and disgusting.

But another type of success in nature is climbing to the top of the food chain. This requires complexity and strength, skills and smarts. The rewards are safety, security, and lifestyle choices. An good example in nature is the bear. Powerful enough to not have any physical threats gives great latitude in choice of home. The Polar Bear dominates the arctic, the Grizzly rules the mountains, each individual commanding vast territory. Bears are omnivorous giving them great latitude in culinary choices. What can compare to the versatility and dominance of this species? The top of the food chain is a great place. My example in the world of man? Rush Limbaugh. Why? Because I finally found a picture of his Gulfstream IV on the web. I love aviation, and Rush is a amazing sauces, so I've wanted to see his plane for some time, and had to come up with a dopey excuse of a article to share it with everyone. Now go by some stock and crush some socialist lib inanity, make your Monday a success!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Carlos Cartoon Comments

Everyone else is doing it, so why not I? If ever there was a juicy topic for illustrating the disparaging state of the Islamic faith, the Danish cartoon protests are it. First, we must address the caveat bandied about by apologists: "Not all Muslims agree with the protests!" So what! Is there a majority group decrying the radical stupidity of a very large number of fellow believers in Muhammad? No, and in fact the majority seems to be complicit in its desire to control speech. It's evidence of the stone age for Islam, and it seems even some of the opposition (my eternal foes, liberals) agree. In this piece, I find a worthy quote:
Muslims might as well fight over a cartoon now; they have very little to lose.
You may find some of the statistics massaged beyond honesty, but the general evidence in the article is sound, although I disagree that Christianity is in decline, if anything, there is a resurgence in the modern era, just not among the liberal intelligentsia. What the author does provide is further evident that a critical analysis of Islam is coming, and will find great turmoil within the great body of Muhammad followers. If any are reading, I would encourage you to embrace the truth, it will set you free. The author also makes reference to the Pope's analysis of un-enlightened Islam, which we considered previously. My sentiment is thus, any philosophy that is intolerant of criticism, is doomed. History reveals the mortality of such movements in great detail. If Islam is incapable of reform, it will implode and explode, probably at the same time.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Global Freedom of Speech Not Part of Globalization

We are in a strange era when the systematic suppression of the most basic right any human should have access to, is being thwarted by American corporations. Most recently, Google has agreed to suppressing search results for its Chinese domain. Just before that, Microsoft removed the content of a prominent blogger at the request of the same government. Somehow, I missed this news, but a good synopsis has been written at Bloggers Blog. It seems they are suppressing content with terms like "Falun Gong", "Tibet Independence", and even "democracy". The article left out the obvious "Taiwan Separatist". Is this indicative of a deeper troubling trend? The re-emergent communist philosophy may have infected the corporate boardroom. Or it could be the simple love of cash. China is a huge market, and whats a little freedom when you can make gazillions. On the other hand, Microsoft has never been interested in competitive voices, so it fits. The OS monopoly meets the communist oligarchy. Reeling (sarc.) from the scrutiny of bloggers worldwide, Microsoft issued its official policy, which conveniently upholds Chinese laws suppressing free speech. How thoughtful of them.

Another disturbing thing in relation to this is how blind the modern liberal sycophant is with regards to communism. Suppressing free speech is a ant compared to how many people have been slaughtered by communism. The Third Reich comes in way under Mao. So ask a liberal if they would support the Nazi party, they go apoplectic, yet they are perfectly willing to support communism, which has a worse record. Does any of this make sense? If there are any liberals in the audience, feel free to defend communism, I'll be patiently waiting...

Johnny K. Where Are You?

You have to wonder sometimes, about the sanity of some, who's insulation from the real world is so complete that they exists in a constant state of percentages and statistics, innuendo and rhetoric. Such is the former Democratic candidate for President, J. Fn. K. Apparently, less than half of us graduate from high school. Oh, and we must be soooo stupid, cause there are no after school programs, and we were not willing to make a little sacrifice, in the form of higher taxes, to blow on the entitlement socialist agenda. Of course we aren't as smart as Johnny, no way we would see the incredible American economy, the rock bottom unemployment rate, and fatter paycheck after the reasonable tax relief. No, we serfs are the great uneducated masses, and that is Johnny's real state of the union.