Monday, February 06, 2006

Carlos Cartoon Comments

Everyone else is doing it, so why not I? If ever there was a juicy topic for illustrating the disparaging state of the Islamic faith, the Danish cartoon protests are it. First, we must address the caveat bandied about by apologists: "Not all Muslims agree with the protests!" So what! Is there a majority group decrying the radical stupidity of a very large number of fellow believers in Muhammad? No, and in fact the majority seems to be complicit in its desire to control speech. It's evidence of the stone age for Islam, and it seems even some of the opposition (my eternal foes, liberals) agree. In this piece, I find a worthy quote:
Muslims might as well fight over a cartoon now; they have very little to lose.
You may find some of the statistics massaged beyond honesty, but the general evidence in the article is sound, although I disagree that Christianity is in decline, if anything, there is a resurgence in the modern era, just not among the liberal intelligentsia. What the author does provide is further evident that a critical analysis of Islam is coming, and will find great turmoil within the great body of Muhammad followers. If any are reading, I would encourage you to embrace the truth, it will set you free. The author also makes reference to the Pope's analysis of un-enlightened Islam, which we considered previously. My sentiment is thus, any philosophy that is intolerant of criticism, is doomed. History reveals the mortality of such movements in great detail. If Islam is incapable of reform, it will implode and explode, probably at the same time.

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