Monday, February 13, 2006

Capitalism Creates Wonders

I am a great advocate of free markets economics. Primarily, I see it as the natural dynamic for social growth and success. This is subjective to some extent, but the parallel for me is in the biologic world. There is constant competition for resources in any ecosystem, and no waste. What do I mean? Everything gets utilized and recycled, and the most successful organisms find ways to access the largest repository of resources. For example, the organisms that have the largest 'footprint' in the ecosystem are worms. Yes, if you could gather them all together, they would dwarf the biomass of anything else. How? Mainly from the fact they have dominated the greatest geographic area, the ocean floor. Think about the metaphor for a corporate giant like Walmart. Specializing in making a profit from the most basic commercial goods. Spreading themselves across the greatest area. Huge success, the worms of retail! And much like worms, derided by the elite as base and disgusting.

But another type of success in nature is climbing to the top of the food chain. This requires complexity and strength, skills and smarts. The rewards are safety, security, and lifestyle choices. An good example in nature is the bear. Powerful enough to not have any physical threats gives great latitude in choice of home. The Polar Bear dominates the arctic, the Grizzly rules the mountains, each individual commanding vast territory. Bears are omnivorous giving them great latitude in culinary choices. What can compare to the versatility and dominance of this species? The top of the food chain is a great place. My example in the world of man? Rush Limbaugh. Why? Because I finally found a picture of his Gulfstream IV on the web. I love aviation, and Rush is a amazing sauces, so I've wanted to see his plane for some time, and had to come up with a dopey excuse of a article to share it with everyone. Now go by some stock and crush some socialist lib inanity, make your Monday a success!


Anonymous said...

you are definitely some sort of idiot. comparing human beings social culture to nature is what led to genetic eugenics and the like. we cannot control how people act, or how masses of people act. now, if you think that the CEOs making millions of dollars while most of the world starves is a perfect use of resources, where nothing is wasted, you are a sad unethical man-child.

Carlos said...

Dear Anonymous:

In general, when you make inane statements, you should at least back them up with a bit of distorted knowledge. I would guess (with high accuracy) that you are not well read in the field of Social Darwinism, try starting with Wilson and get back to me. Now, what is this? We can not control how people act? What is our legal system? Juvenile. Are you a Anarchist? That would explain your lack of education. I will leave you and your socialist utopia to the trash heap of history. Come back and argue after a decade of education.