Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fun with the Next Piece of BushLied&trade

So I receive in my inbox a snippy little piece on how Bush knew the levee's would break beforehand and did nothing. Oh, did I forget that the tape proves it? Anyhow, it does get humorous, so here was my reply:
Your reaction to non-news is heartwarming. Proof that Rove's masterplan is still working. The more Moonbats we can get to discount the President's intellect the better! As for the 'shocking tape', the whole country knew the same thing for days, and in fact every time a hurricane approached N.O. for the past thirty years news anchors have salivated about the levees beforehand. The real question is who leaked the tape. Is this Mr. Browns 'Brown Parachute'?

Chertoff to Brown - "Get under the bus..."
Bush to Chertoff - "Doesn't look to bad under there..."
Brown to Bush - "I'm gonna tell my mommy!"
Nagin to Bush - "That's not my Bus..."

I love the part about the 'Brown Parachute' and 'not my Bus', but my humor and brilliance was wasted (the lib replies):

So.... If 'everybody knew' why didn't FEMA actually do something? I mean, other than keeping the Red Cross OUT of the area for days afterward. (and the ham operators too, for that matter. They had no communications in the storm area, but would not let our Mobile comm vans in to set up comms at city/county/state Emg Ops Centers that had no power, telephone or radio) First time that had ever happened...caused quite stir in amateur circles!!!

Why is it that you guys reaction is always to look for conspiracy theories, blame the media for saying anything, and try to backfill the political blame? Maybe the CCCRW's should actually try running the country, other than into the ground, that is.

I had to reply tho that! Way to much fun. I mean, on this topic, claiming conservatives are looking for conspiracy theories! Heck, Brown even threatened the W.H., so my humorous comment was twisted into a conspiracy theory accusation that has nil validity. Anyhow, thus is my reply:
Whooaaa Nelly!

Huh? Who is making up the conspiracy theories? You can't be serious about this? Not with Oprah, Farrakhan, J.J. and every other liberal idiot screaming anything from racism to Chenney bombing the levee. Blame the media? Yeah, just for being the same old source of no news. You of course know that the 'media' had similar tapes months ago and didn't report on them cause they felt it showed the pres actually responding properly. Of course we can disagree, but the group who is running the country into the ground appears to be filled with Moonbats and loonies. Still the same thing from the left, no answers, no solutions, just Bush hatred and vitriol. Have you taken a gander at this shocking revelation, in 'tape' form, of Blanco denying any breach to FEMA? How come your knickers aren't in a twist about that? Man, that little blue pill works wonders...

In closing, I would just like to emphasize, without a sense of humor, what are we? Empty shells, Moonbats, and generally filled with malaise. So put a little humor in your day, and keep your mental health.

A Thought About Science and Inspiration

I read today about NASA putting on hold or cutting some of its smaller science missions to divert money to the ISS, Shuttle replacement, and the quest for Mars. I see this funding debate quite often among my peers, and think it is necessary. However, I am not sure of a answer. If we look back into history, the projects that inspired the next generation of scientists were visionary and pushed the boundaries of what man is capable of. One could not say the same for the ISS. And replacing the Shuttle is not very romantic either. Yes we need a cheaper, more reliable vehicle for transporting ourselves to space and back, but it will just be another rocket. In essence, nothing new. Its the same for the ISS. Yes, its bigger than MIR or Spacelab, yet its the same thing in my mind. And I am pretty confident that if my inner child is not enthralled, there are not many young men and women who are.

Humans, and especially Americans are searching for bold aggressive new explorations of our world, not more features on a old paradigm. Now, one of NASA's least expensive projects is benefiting mankind in amazing ways, but not very exciting. I refer to the joint project with the Europeans to measure globally the sea level. Very few people are jumping up and down about how exciting that is, yet it has pushed our knowledge of climate change from next to nothing fifteen years ago to hundreds of Global Climate models predicting changes on many scales today. It was, and is, the meat that continually fed a juvenile science through puberty.

Our ruminations on the topic of science as conservatives should be along these lines. Balancing the desire of the people, the passion for National advancement, against the need for primary science which does not relate to the general population on any simple cultural level, yet is fundamentally beneficial and cost effective. I believe that this benefit of science and technology is tremendous for our continued dominance as a Nation. We should be pouring buckets of money into all areas of hard science, but to do that, we need some projects that do capture everyones interest. Who didn't go to the Mars Rover website and view the incredible images there? We need a few more efforts like that. For all the hundreds of billions we spend on entitlement social programs, what do we get? Yet the annual budget of NASA is less than twenty billion. The people get what they ask for, so lets make then interested in getting more science instead of questioning the value of projects that inspire few. Government funding of this type is very consistent with my view of our country, as it encourages the cooperation of many businesses, spins off new markets for advanced products, and strengthens our national pool of talented citizens. As conservatives, we should recognize and encourage the use of our tax dollars in this way, at least that is my biased opinion as a scientist.