Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some Comments on Asian Racism

As I am held captive within the Peoples Republic of Hawaii, my thoughts drift to the matter of racism from time to time. I have commented on liberal race issues before, but at this point want to toss out a few observations. The first point is a comment by Mr. Bryant Gumbel about how the winter Olympics resembles a GOP convention in terms of its racial diversity. How stupid is this guy? If anyone cares to think about this little snafu, they may come to the conclusion that said sage of the airwaves has a problem with Asians. To the point of racism, nay, but excluding the amazing Olympic accomplishments of both Asian Nations and Asian Americans is pretty sad. Maybe he has a point, as that group does have considerable representation within the GOP. But, doesn't that negate the race baiting comment? All I can say is, keep up the good work. The farther out you alienate your views, the easier it is for true Conservatives of any color to gain more control of our country.

Now, for the second point of interest, you must participate in a quick test given by All Look Same. Go there and take the test, its free, easy, and completely anonymous. Done? What did you think? As I live in a diverse group of people, predominantly of Asian descent, I presumed a fairly high score, but not to be. My score was 7, completely average, in other words, I can't tell the difference. I guess they all look the same to me. But not for Tojo, who comes in forth on the worst genocide's list, with the purge of Chinese in Manchuria. Since we brought up the list, notice that the worst offender is Mao against his own people. Apparently what constitutes racism depends on the definition of the observer. If I can not identify a difference, is it still racism? Or does it matter? Or, in the case of the Democratic Party, neglecting the Asians or Latinos simply because they get so much mileage out of there own Black prejudicial attitudes, does that border on racist? No personal accusations intended here, but it does become very hypocritical to continually use race as a political tool in this era. How does it profit anyone?

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