Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Johnny K. Where Are You?

You have to wonder sometimes, about the sanity of some, who's insulation from the real world is so complete that they exists in a constant state of percentages and statistics, innuendo and rhetoric. Such is the former Democratic candidate for President, J. Fn. K. Apparently, less than half of us graduate from high school. Oh, and we must be soooo stupid, cause there are no after school programs, and we were not willing to make a little sacrifice, in the form of higher taxes, to blow on the entitlement socialist agenda. Of course we aren't as smart as Johnny, no way we would see the incredible American economy, the rock bottom unemployment rate, and fatter paycheck after the reasonable tax relief. No, we serfs are the great uneducated masses, and that is Johnny's real state of the union.

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