Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Global Freedom of Speech Not Part of Globalization

We are in a strange era when the systematic suppression of the most basic right any human should have access to, is being thwarted by American corporations. Most recently, Google has agreed to suppressing search results for its Chinese domain. Just before that, Microsoft removed the content of a prominent blogger at the request of the same government. Somehow, I missed this news, but a good synopsis has been written at Bloggers Blog. It seems they are suppressing content with terms like "Falun Gong", "Tibet Independence", and even "democracy". The article left out the obvious "Taiwan Separatist". Is this indicative of a deeper troubling trend? The re-emergent communist philosophy may have infected the corporate boardroom. Or it could be the simple love of cash. China is a huge market, and whats a little freedom when you can make gazillions. On the other hand, Microsoft has never been interested in competitive voices, so it fits. The OS monopoly meets the communist oligarchy. Reeling (sarc.) from the scrutiny of bloggers worldwide, Microsoft issued its official policy, which conveniently upholds Chinese laws suppressing free speech. How thoughtful of them.

Another disturbing thing in relation to this is how blind the modern liberal sycophant is with regards to communism. Suppressing free speech is a ant compared to how many people have been slaughtered by communism. The Third Reich comes in way under Mao. So ask a liberal if they would support the Nazi party, they go apoplectic, yet they are perfectly willing to support communism, which has a worse record. Does any of this make sense? If there are any liberals in the audience, feel free to defend communism, I'll be patiently waiting...

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