Friday, January 13, 2006

The Schizophrenic Members of "The Left"

Its a mark of good exposition to be attacked by your philosophical foes, but what is it when the disjoint ill constructed maunder is like this? Make of it what you will, the only response I could come up with is lightly veiled sarcasm. The pertinent quote:

"I was about to dispute this pop-psychiatric assessment, but then I thought to myself: if I've really gone insane, thanks to the treasonous enablers who comprise my readership, maybe I don't even know it."

I love this! On the light side, it meshes so well with my own self deprecating sarcastic sense of existence, yet contained within is the darker truth, "The Left" does not recognize its own psychological disconnect with reality! Brilliant. And so postmodern, as the statement itself reveals the pervasive nature inherent in the liberal socialist philosophy regarding collective shortsightedness. Each mouthpiece reinforces adjacent members with the message of "how Enlightened your views and opinions are" while lambasting any threat to the "liberal holy script". In layman's terms, they have become schizophrenic, and they don't know it.

Of course I found inspiration to respond. As the theme revolved around psychiatry, the response became a suggestion from Carlos, great nephew of Sigmund Freud. If you need help with the hacked up German, you can seek assistance here. I see a door opening, slowly... Amidst the clatter of a locomotive, a shadowy figure appears in the mist beyond the door, "Mother? Is that you?"

Carlos replies:
Guten tag! (with thick Austrian accent...) Danke sehr for za kind verds. I vould be giving to you da spottbillig psychiatric assessment! Vith your inner kinder zupprezing za anal abführend stage of ze development, ve thinks you may have 'die verstopfung of ze brain', iz not de totenähnlich condition, but must be attended to! I vould prescribe ze drei stunden un day treatment... Der Großonkel Freud vould zee zis as de proper zolution!

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