Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dance of Injustice

I am at a loss to comprehend the mentality of liberals who fight tooth and nail against the Bush administration. On one hand, it makes perfect sense for them to have a defeatist, contrary, oppose everything stance politically, but to extend this constantly into our national security is incredulous. The further they stray from social issues, the more distance they put between average Joe voter and themselves, because no one is going to buy the drivel pouring fourth now. So what are we considering today? More screams and cries for justice, but not justice as we have ever seen before. No, this is the idiotic extension of American courts to cover enemy combatants. A ploy of the misguided left, who are perversely working in many significant ways, to help our mortal enemies. Yes, Bin laden and anyone following in his footsteps can place their trust in the socialist liberal Bush hating left.

We have a piece of news today on topic, which has drawn some enjoyable flame mail. It appears the Administration has made some progress in an attempt to remove 187 cases pertaining to Club Gitmo residents. We can only hope for success. On to the mail:

A question:
Why is Scrub so anxious to prevent these people from being heard? Might it be that he is concerned about what they would say about their three year stay in Amerika's Cuban prisons? Might it be that the government can't prove any criminal behavior by these people? Might it be that almost all of them were simply swept up in a nervous frenzy and are just victims? How about we have the military fight the wars and the courts determine the laws.

An answer:
No, not to concerned about what they will say. The socialist leftist press that you're addicted too has already said worse. No, its not criminal behavior, its war. Yes, why don't you leave the military to fight the war and keep the courts out of it? Yes, nervous frenzy, perfectly describes the irrational leftist peacenik wacko....

The Liberal Retort:
Yes, he is concerned what they would say, IN COURT. If it's a war, then they are prisoners of war and should be treated accordingly. But it's not a war, is it; as long as Scrub can get away with confusing terrorism with the war in Iraq, it's a form of legal limbo. And that's what they want..confusion. That way nobodies sure what the law is or isn't, what the rules are or aren't.

What is the role of "the courts". Well, enforcement of the law, interpretation of the law, and constitutionality of the law. Now, the executive, acting in the capacity as C in C of the armed forces, wants the military to act as a tribunal. Seems to me a perfectly reasonable thing that the real judicial power should have an interest in that process! Do I have to keep reminding you CCCRW's that we are SUPPOSED to have a checks and balance system in this government?

The Real Truth:
Before I get to the inanity of the liberal position, I notice that Bush is feeling quite pleased with the progress in Iraq today. No wonder the libs a ticked off. What if regular people in America feel like its is winding down? What if they think we might be reducing our involvement? What will happen if our foreign policy actually appears to protects us? Yes, its the unthinkable demise of peacenik politics. They will have to scream louder than ever, and keep this thing on the burner, because mid term elections draw nigh! But I digress, back to the liberal sense of justice.

First problem, why would he care what they say in court as opposed to what they say in the press? Its the same thing. Propaganda. The object of these peacenik leftist liberals is to undermine our ability to fight a war which they oppose. It doesn't matter where, or how, the leftist agenda marches forth. the claim is made continually, "Its not war..." That is the scary part of the left. They really don't believe it is war. Al Qaida thinks its a war. Hamas thinks its a war. The Iraqi insurgents think its a war. Patriotic Americans think its a war. The amazing American military is fighting it as a war. The British military is fighting in what they claim to be a war. The only people who can't see past their hatred of Bush are the Moonbat leftists, hence, no war.

So we get back to the idiotic way to combat terrorism as proposed by the left. Arrest them and try them in some court. Make sure you have evidence, and do everything proper. Have to play by the rules or else we have to let them go. That was Clinton's strategy in excusing himself from dealing with Bin Laden, "I didn't have the legal justification to take him from the Sudanese." Playing 'by the rules' brought us the Gorelick wall between intelligence agencies, thus preventing us from identifying the 9/11 hijackers before they perpetrated their act of war. Oh, wait, leftist don't see that as an act of war...

As for the final ridiculous suggestion that military tribunals are not appropriate, they seem to work for members of the military. I think any sane person with an i.q. above the speed limit could recognize that military tribunals would be efficient mechanisms for disposing of enemy combatants. But the left is not sane. And as smart as they want to appear, they have forgone reason for hatred, and replaced objectivity with emotional politics, all to the detriment of our fine Nation. Fortunately there is a check and balance system in this country, and it has given us a strong military, with a appropriately strong C and C, who has the power and discernment to protect us from those who have pledged themselves to evil. This being so, a new threat to our Nation has evolved, those elements of the left that in action align themselves with the purpose of our enemy, and pervert Justice in a unholy dance.

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