Monday, January 30, 2006

Unbelievable Hypocrisy and Blindness at the E.U.

Do I read this correctly? "Lets keep funding the Palestinians..." was the message today from the BBC concerning the landslide Hamas victory last week. Great! Now we can officially put some of the socialist liberal opponents of freedom on the list of 'States that Officially Support Terrorism'. Can we say France is a supporter of terrorism now? Or Germany? I mean, they were willing supporters of a Stalinist Dictator, so why not make the plunge to global terrorism. And for that matter, we must cut off aide completely. Even in the face of the predictable duplicity that will be coming from Hamas, about how they are willing to work towards peace now. Right, just like Yasser was 'all about peace' and did his best. Well, he did his best to make himself insanely rich and thwart every possible step towards peace. Does anyone believe that Hamas will change its fundamental reason for existence? To illustrate my point, they are already asking that aide not be cut off. Of course, they are willing to have monitors and such. Oh that should make us relax...

More fundamentally, what is the point of screaming about the humanitarian tragedy of the Palestinian camps if the residents of the same are full supporters of terrorism? Why are we obligated to support those who are not for freedom, peace, or security in the world? In a piece from last week, a question arose that I think needs to be highlighted. Irregardless of the method of governance, we still have those opposed to the principal of freedom. Democracy itself is not a prescription for freedom. If the base that uses democracy as its form of governance is populated by people who believe in a philosophy that is exclusionary, they will be our enemy. And that is certainly the case for Muslims who are apologetic to the fascists. Will we see a merge of governing principals here? "We vote for a Fascist King to rule over us!" Whatever the outcome, it is telling that the E.U. response has no vision, and continues the great tradition of veiled anti-semitism.

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