Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Inevitable Light Shines in a Dark Place

It is so very hard to keep secrets. Doubly hard if you are a journalist. As predicted, the Libby Witch Hunt Perjury Case is going to be back in the news. Evaluate for yourself my humorous predictions on news cycles from last November. It appears that Libby's legal team has informed the court of the necessity to introduce evidence now considered secret. Especially fun is the possibility of discovering Supper Secret Agent Girl's actual duties in the shop. We know many of the details, but none of the official status and projects. At least it will be established conclusively that said agent was in no way NOC over the last few years (an absurd conjecture to begin with, but popular). Such was my wish in the days before Fitzmas. For the current news cycle, what is more important seems to be getting a knife into the back of traitorous leaker's and their willing accomplices in the cesspools of rag journalism. On one hand, its a free country, and a free marketplace, so actively attacking these morons legally is a difficult road. Hopefully, the people will speak clearly with their wallets, and punish the main press perps financially, but that is not enough when it comes to the scum in Washington, both on the elected side and the civil servants. If some bureaucrat has leaked information simply because of their political views, they should be doing time. If some Senator, and the corresponding spiderous staffers, have disseminated information for political purposes, string them up as the traitorous scum the are. Get out the flood-lamps and kill some mold.

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