Monday, November 21, 2005

The News Market Investment Advice

Lets pretend some stories are like stocks. They go up, they go down. What most people see are the top movers, the hot stocks, the big loosers, and the overall market. But so many stories moving around underneath. And reporters are like traders, always adjusting their rating on a story, waiting for the big move. Well lets look at a sector of the market, the Plamegate sector, and see how some of our stocks are doing. Being supreme critics of all that is newsworthy, as well as very philanthropic, we offer our recommendations at this time sans fee.

First up is the recent IPO by Woodward. Shocking in this companies greed, keeping even insider information from insiders, we have yet to see what heights this stock can achieve. Our rating, don't buy it yet, hold/sell. Next is a real sleeper, but might get some action in the coming months. Its Valerie's Secret, running a solo consulting firm herself. We don't know the value underlying this one, but some of the questions surrounding the operation of the venture indicate possible infringement of SEC guidelines. Again, we recommend not purchasing at this time, hold/sell. Joe Wilson, husband of the above, actually has a few separate ventures up and running. The successful media stock with its underlying uranium futures is still performing, but profits are in competition with increasing fixed costs and one time legal charge-offs, so we put this one at hold/sell depending on your philosophical principals.

Wilson has a more recent venture with Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely that just went public. It appeared to be a limited release, and is holding its value, but not moving at this time. We would be inclined to pick this up on value, rated hold/buy. Another heavily traded issue was Fitzgerald and Co. Unfortunately it has not recovered from its heavy adjustment downwards over the Fitz-mas season, sell this dog. That brings us to an upcoming offering, one that we feel will certainly be the winters strongest mover, Scooter Legal and Assoc. We can almost guarantee that investors in this, unless you are of the Hillary Clinton sell short investment mentality, will get solid returns, solid buy.

Continuing on the related issues, we have a subgroup of the stocks, one we already discussed, centered in the media sector. Specifics are hard to find about some of these, as details and sources of information have been sealed behind paper or lips. But we should get some performance out of Journalist Witnesses Conglomerate, so we rate it hold/buy. Of this group are two ventures with some track record, Miller Holidays, and Cooper Media Mfg. Miller Holidays has not recovered from the poor industry reaction to the motivation of the new product line, especially the Virginia Spa and Weight Loss Center. Cooper Media Mfg. had a very short run, so we will see what it can do in the upcoming release of Scooter Legal and Assoc.

We finish up this analysis with the sectors most interesting stock, the architecture firm of Rove L.L.C. We have seen the heavy dividends this stock can produce, but currently it is holding, forming a new base of support. Having to make a call without new information of projects and products Rove intends to roll-out, its hard to project. And there are allegations in the wings about mismanagement, yet so far its all rumor, and the insiders haven't started selling. We are inclined to by this one. Thats it for our news investment update, remember this is a highly volatile sector, check your positions often to avoid getting burned.

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