Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reinforcing My World View

Oh we have fun with the leftist from time to time. My favorite liberal fills my inbox with fun, and today we have from CNN International, Bruce Ward's Last Word column. Its old news now, but very instructive at how ridiculously lame the modern leftist journalist is. The piece begins with a little retrospective to get you in the mood. "If you cover Washington long enough..." Is this supposed to make us, the guilably simian reader bow down in aw at the journalist wisdom and experience? It quickly proceeds to "all the strange things you see", but mentions only two, Watergate and Iran Contra. I actually laughed out loud! Moving beyond the usual craftiness and into the realm of linguistic idiot-savant is our journalist. But what is this article about? Can you guess?

Its Torture! Its revulsion of our barbaric policies! Its John McCain on a Sunday talk show! Yes, the venerable Senator shows up. But before that, lets return to our friendly mind numbed sycophant of the left. He states with apparent shock, "I never thought we would have this debate in America." What debate? About what constitutes torture? Not really. Just a reaffirmation of leftist attacks upon the Administration. And hopping on that populist wagon is our boy McCain. Is there any proof that we have tortured anyone? Nope. But Abu Ghraib was to the leftist, the most heinous type of torture possible. Was that an authorized action? No. Did it constitute torture? Probably not, but it was degrading. However, reality doesn't matter to the leftists or McCain, what matters is smearing the Administration, undermining the War on Terror, getting more camera time and having your name in lights. What a bunch of wankers.

The horribly shocking piece ends with some Gallup polls about torture. I think the polls are irrelevant. Ask any of the same people, after some punk kidnaps your daughter and gets caught, but won't tell where she is, whether they would be in favor of a professional applying persuasive tactics. And why aren't all these leftist concerned about real torture that takes place around the world? Torture that is clear, documented, and just plain wrong? Doesn't fit the agenda, not going to do it. What I liked most about this reporting is how everything falls into place. My world view is reinforced. Mainstream journalist can't see past the glory days of Watergate. They hate GW, and that hate is their motivation for just about everything. Finaly, McCain lives up to his standard of screwing the Administration for personal fame. Whew, peace across the board.

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