Monday, November 14, 2005

Has Bush Lost His Aversion to Propaganda?

In the current new cycles since the President's Veterans Day speech, there have been more refutations and attacks by the president against his WMD 'friends'. What we have to ask ourselves here is, "What took so long?" But unfortunately, I don't believe he will keep it up as a extended campaign. I don't think the President is the type of person to perpetually stay on the propaganda offensive. It seems he views it as 'beneath' the office. Or we can strategize that this is a matter of timing in preparation of swinging the perception before the mid term elections. I could almost believe that theory. Karl the 'architect', is probably looking at the presidents poll numbers, gaging how much lower it could go, and how long it will take to rise, and picking now as the time to start campaigning. The timing also follows from similar ratings for two term presidents in the past. Its possible if GW could get it in view that he is on the trail again, he could stick with it, but I am doubtful.

That is my reasoning for predicting a short term attack strategy for Bush followed by the same ambivalence to media persuasion afterward. It will mark and facilitate the turn around in perception, but do they see the complete game plan that Liberals have regarding the rewrite of WMD history? I hope so, and we will see soon enough. Liberals have not changed the tune, just the band. Or is that the bandwagon? We had a flurry of 'mini-buses' before the election, then Cindy's big summer of love. Hear anything about her lately? Then came Fitz-mas, and there was no presents. The whinny brats kicked and screamed a bit, but they will find something to ride soon enough. The longer they go, tripping farther to the left, in the back of the Magic Bus, the more questionable becomes their patriotism. Which allows us to hammer harder at these elitist socialist and the corruptive influence they have.

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