Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Fun With Our Favorite Lib

Sometimes the flame mail inspires me to write a bit. Today was one of those days, when the coffee kicked in, I had to respond to this nonsense.

I see your still in a theoretical universe of the liberal mind.

I wake up this morning to a wonder day of news:

Spiro Cheney on the defensive, as his polling numbers head for single digits. He who never served attacking a decorated Marine hero, and losing!

This crap about serving is stupid. Get a life. One minute you rave over Clinton's smart choice for ditching service, then blast Cheney for not serving. And being a war hero does nothing for your choice of politics. We have plenty of war hero conservatives who support the war. Its a petty tactic for those who have no validity in their position. And what about this, on the defensive? Thats a twist. What does he have to defend? Looks like he is out screwing the idiot leftist peacenic propagandists to me.

The first guilty pleas by Republican thieves. Just the first of many to come.

What are you babbling about? Care to look who else this crook worked for. Get real. Maybe you should find out if there are some more skeletons in that closet before opening.

The unity in Cairo of the Iraqi people against the foreign invader. Announcing the right of the people to rise up against the invader.

More idiotic babbles. Typical of a Fascist Apologist propaganda monger that you leave out the rest of the sentence condemning terrorism. You didn't notice that its the unity of the Iraqi people, as in getting Sunnis and Shiites back together?

It is true, the only victory for the left is defeat for America. The only way to realize your goals is for the U.S. to loose. And where pray tell are all of the people rising up against the invader? What stupid positions you support. Trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Maybe your leftist friends, if they had half a brain, would wait to release supportive propaganda for Al-Qaida until after the Iraqi election. Oh, hold on, what if that election is successful, like the two before it, HORROR, we can't win in Iraq! Estimate two or three generations of minority status for the democratic party if the vote goes fine, and we have continued stability in Iraq. But your compatriots will try pretty damn hard to screw it up. Although, I noticed Hillary came out strong for our continued presence. Boy, she really is running for pres already.

Finally, charges against an American citizen held three YEARS without trial or counsel! On to the Supreme Court!

Now your going to bat for a terrorist again. Unbelievable how distorted reality becomes when clouded by hate. Yeah, lets go to the Supreme Court. I think we are gaining ground there, so it should be fine. Get a few more liberal activist judges out of there and we might even get our country back.

And Scrub is trying out Mongolian soup. Hope it goes well with crow.

You really think he has anything to worry about? Economy is booming, gas prices dropping, his opponents are on the verge of hanging themselves, Iraq forces are beginning to successfully provide for their own security, terrorists are bombing the hand that feeds them... I don't know, looks like the real world is looking pretty positive, if you can take off the blinders. But I have noticed that liberal blinders are glued on pretty tight.

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