Friday, October 14, 2005

Are They Liberals or Fascists Apologists?

I was recently sent an article sans reference or author. It was a stupid propaganda piece of typical gloom and doom about how the new constitution in Iraq was so horrible. But, as with all crap like this it peaked my interest as to who wrote it. Well that was easy enough, its the wacko Pepe Escobar. I will not bother you with his current drivel, but here is a little excerpt to get you in the mood from one of his previous pieces:

"Everyone in Baghdad, the former great capital of Islam at its apex, is fond of saying how it has survived the Mongols, the barbarians at the gate. The evangelic apostles of armed democratization cannot even imagine the fury a new breed of barbarians may unleash at the gate of the new American century."

Funny, its seems everyone in Baghdad was pretty glad to be saved from an oppressive evil dictator in Saddam. And I think we could imagine the fury of the barbarians, who are not a new breed, but a festering uneducated mob of religious fascists. Nothing new in this world. This guy is typical drivel, and not very interesting. Constant distortion, with very little rational discourse. But I found a gem of a piece written by a sane liberal. (That can't be right...) I am in full concurrence with the label Fascists Apologist. Very well done Dean.

Truth In Labeling: Calling Fascists What They Are

So now we can make a very clear distinction. You can be against the war, you can be against War, or you can be a pot loving peacenic, but when you cross over into this realm of hate filled diatribe that is mostly distorted opinion we need to call you what you are, a Fascists Apologist. Which leaves us with Pepe Escobar and the hundreds of other journalists who have an addendum to their current ideology of secular liberal socialists.

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