Monday, October 03, 2005

Optimism and Hope, and Iraq

Ah, the view from the left ------ Full of Optimism and Hope. I get this in my inbox:

The US's top commander in Iraq, General George W Casey Jr, did not have good news on this issue on October 2. He said, "Just one of the 120 US-trained Iraqi army and police battalions was able to operate without US forces."
Let's see….at that rate we should be able to leave Iraq by, oh, in about 2150….

The constitution, such as it is, goes down in flames.

The civil war intensifies.

Iraq dissolves into Kurdistan, Iranistan and Sunniland.

Well, isn't that a nice positive view of the world.

First, the technical aspect. What does it mean to operate independently? If you mean that they don't have their own spy satellites, robot bomb sniffers, gps gear for each troop, secure communications, UAV's and such, then so what. If it means they can't operate because everyone goes native in a operation, then that is a serious issue. Second, about the constitution. Good thing you libs weren't around screaming when the Founding Conservative Christian Fathers came up with ours. Took a while. But thats neither here nor there. What is interesting is how actively leftist will try to denigrate and distort our efforts in Iraq.

You could be the worst peacenic on the planet, hate President Bush more than George Soros, be Micheal Moore's chauffeur, and still have enough brains to realize we need to actually succeed in Iraq. But, liberals tend not to use their brains, and exist on a potent mix of hate and frustration. I hear constantly, "I support the troops, just not the war..." So what does that mean? The troops support the war, so if you really supported them you would support the war. And, yes, you don't support the war. In fact you actually promote "propaganda" that actively undermines the war effort. Typical liberal lie.

Furthermore, back to the "civil war" brewing in Iraq. I think we had one. But, I don't think the Iraqis will need to go that far to figure out self rule. And just the fact that they are having a constitutional referendum in Iraq is a huge advance. All the achievements made by these people are remarkable, and completely ignored by the "Peacenic's for World Socialism" propaganda wing. By that I am referring to mainstream journalism. But one thing is in the rags and on the wires, Iran wants to build nukes. And they aren't very friendly with us. It seems prudent to do whatever possible to succeed in Iraq.

I support the War and the Troops..............

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