Friday, October 28, 2005

A "Sad Day" Says Sad Sack

It is a sad day Joe. Apparently there was no crime involving the disclosure of your wife's employment. And what is really sad is the fact that you continue to profit from your disgraceful lies and flagrant media whoring. But that is the beauty of a free country. And that brings me to a wonderful irony. Its pure speculation, but fun nonetheless.

Peacenic anti-war leftist Joe becomes poster boy for the "Bush lied" movement. But what about his wife? Aren't these NOC agents the ones who are trained to get and run intelligence sources in foreign countries? Are they trained in the art of torture and assassination? Are leftists peacenics providing for the retirement of someone who has knowingly violated some of the very tightly fought ideals held dear by the leftists?

She was covert for eight or nine years, and part of it during the COLD WAR. Under the EVIL Reagan administration! At the same time as IRAN CONTRA! What do we really know about her? Should we have a full investigation into these possible activities? How can you be comfortable with any agent of the CIA under the Reagan administration?

Its a sad day Joe. Very sad that we get two years of a witch hunt, and no real answers. When did you first talk to the press Joe? Mention anything about your wife to a reporter? Ah, at least we get a trial, and will probably get to see some real fun.

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