Thursday, October 20, 2005

Joseph Wilson Sparks Up on the Left Coast

Apparently world swinger and all around hip guy Joseph Wilson turns out to be a peacnic flower child. As a former Ambassador to Iraq, he should have some sense, but alas, apparently all the dope went to his head. The very deep forward looking prescription for foreign policy in Iraq was expunged by him recently. The crux of it hinges on running away. Well, its ok if we still offer air support and troop training according to Joe. He is still on the bandwagon to destroy the Bush administration if possible. But, his assertion that he is just trying to do the right thing is odd, especially since it appears he is still on a lecture circuit. He isn't giving away his sage advice at this San Fransisco State lecture. Ah profiting from lies.

What gets me in leftist articles like this is the crap about "other investigators" who support Wilson's claim that there was no sale of yellow cake uranium to Iraq. There didn't have to be a sale, Saddam was shopping, and thats the point. Wilson and his fan club have toked up a few to many brain cells. But who convinced him to become a political media whore? Did he need the money? Or was it something more sinister that he got sucked into? A plan was hatched within the CIA maybe?

In his speech he hopes the Iraqi vote on their own constitution fails. What a imbecile! He goes to the overt length of Fascist Apologist. And the audience wants him to run for political office? Are there clouds of smoke in the room I wonder? This idiot should be prosecuted for divulging classified information on an investigation with national security implications. And we should be finding out who in the CIA crafted this political plot and hired a crack pot pothead to execute it. We need a new special investigation...


Cranky George said...

I agree with most of your opinions. I have always thought that this whole Wilson/Plame thing as a contrived political scheme of some kind; or, at the very least, a way to sell books by an out-of-work ambassador! For that I believe there should be an investigation.

Carlos said...

Exactly. More and more you begin to wonder who really cooked this thing up. And it is kind of frightening the subversive power that the CIA could display if they were partisan. Even a few partisans, like somebodies wife, could be very dangerous. How do we shine a light in a dark place, especially one that is supposed to be dark?