Friday, October 21, 2005

Libby and Rove Stocks Go Up

So we can wait patiently for the tittering of the press who expect indictments soon, or we can do our own fun speculating. First a comment about the indictments value on intrade (legal - indictments). Apparently, Scooter is in for it. Rove is still just over fifty-fifty, but Libby is looking at a 80% chance. Why the difference? I didn't see anything publicly that would indicate either one of them being higher than the other. Except for the relative news cycling. So how much of a reflection is the news in the price of each contract? Or are these prices being driven by real leaks, and reflect the underground market? Its an interesting question.

Now what happens if the indictments come out, and they are carefully crafted to only apply to a supposed cover up or perjury? Does that mean that there will be no investigation into the CIA and what led to the supposed "outing"? I can't see that happening. The defense will be all over trying to get as many of these idiots out in the public parade if they have any sense. It would be very nice to question our gal Val, and her bubbly hubby. And lets ask Tenet about why he called for the investigation. Did he just not know about the law? Simply incompetent? Or was he pushed to do it by someone else? Questions we want answered. The press continually trumpets the outing theme, all the while knowing its not possible. So if we do get a trial, it will be a lot of fun! Well, not for Scoot and Karl, but for us, yes. My statement to those who still cling to the original charge, its impossible. You can not be NCO (non official cover) and have an "official" desk job at the shop. And if you can, well we are in a worse bureaucratic nightmare than anyone thought possible.

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