Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Judith Miller, Covert Undercover Agent of the NYT

The news is finally out! Judith is a covert agent of the NYT! They were just protecting her identity and now the terrible truth is out. Who is responsible for this horrendous leak? The security of the Liberal Institution of Truth (NYT) is at stake with this latest development. Fortunately her real sources are protected in this latest deal. Now that her cover is blown, there is no reason to stay in the clinky, and there will be no fishing expedition into what she knows. Whew, we we all so worried that critical confidential information would accompany this latest outing of an agent.

All jesting aside, what in the world is going on? This whole charade makes no sense, and yet is strangely compelling. Libs are compelled to pursue anything to squash Bush. The rest of us are compelled by the freakish characters involved. Some of the strangest aspects are contained in the Amici Curiae presented by press organization lawyers on behalf of Special Agent Miller. Even stranger is finding yourself, as a right wing radical, agreeing with observations contained within concerning the CIA. Some stories muddy the water..... My conservative sycophant mind numbed robot danger meter is blinking.

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