Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Supreme Court of Conservative Opinion

Will the real conservatives please stand up! It is about the debate, not the candidate. If we want to sneak around to get the goal, then we are just as base as our opponents. Why not pick the most vocal, on the record conservative possible for the supreme court? What is wrong with a open debate? If they don't make the court, pick another in the same mold. Apparently there are quite a number of candidates to choose from. If the president continues to say this is the best choice, he is blind to the reality of our movement. It might be a very good choice personally, but a extremely poor choice for conservatives. We are fighting a distorted socialist liberal ideology, and the best way to do it is to sway hearts and minds through open discourse. The president who represents conservatives would openly try to support that debate in every arena. Yet, with arguably the most important responsibility of the president, our current president removes us from the choice, and shrinks from the debate. Its shameful, and they don't see why. Whoa there right wing radical, your saying the same thing over again......

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