Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Split in the Congregation?

Is there a deeper plot unfolding? Valerie Plame attends the same church as Karl Rove, only she goes to the wacky service. I guess we can conjecture here, off the record, that they attend St. David's Episcopal Church and Karl goes to the 'traditional' service, while Valerie goes to the 'contemporary' service. This is all speculation of course, because no one would actually know this unless they saw them, and I just picked the closest Episcopal church to Rove's house (as if I knew where he lived). But they must know each other on sight, and maybe even had a chat or two. Or maybe the 'traditionalists' and the wacky 'contemporarists' don't mingle much. However, does this indicate a deeper split within the church? Did the contemporary services inspire Valerie to send Mr. Wilson on a quest for justice against the war mongering administration? More speculation is in order!

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