Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mired by Miers, in the Mud

Ok, I have hesitated on commenting on the new supreme court nominee because we know nothing about her. Now I have to, for the same reason. Back and forth, talking heads and floating voices for and against. Enough already! Its clear. Why not pick someone who has a established record? If they loose, pick another one. Do it until we, the people, have to vote. Then if we want senators who will confirm a pro-life justice, we will elect them. Its not about trying to pick a fight. But it is about reality. It pisses me off that so called conservative politicians don't get it or are not conservative. They confirmed Ginsberg. Why? The quotes are that "she was eminently qualified". Thats crap. You spineless politicians on our side are so plastic. She was not eminently qualified if you are a conservative. She was clearly a flaming leftist. That disqualifies her, as far as a conservative is concerned. The libs get it. Why can't our own conservatives get it?

So now we have another candidate, that we know nothing about, and are continually told, "you will be pleased with this choice". Thats more crap. I'm already not pleased with the choice, and even if Miers squeaks in right of me on the spectrum, I still will not be pleased. Its about the principles and engaging in the debate. Not about skirting the issue and appeasement. This is what really ticks me. Stand up and explain your position. If you get the scripted liberal wacko response, shove it back in their faces. Enough of this. Its not like we have to make everyone like us. And this is not the 90's. There are plenty of media outlets that confound the mainstream leftist journalist.

There, rant off, move on.......

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