Monday, October 17, 2005

Judith Miller Spa: Returning Refreshed

What do you do when you have been a reporter at the old Grey Hag for more than twenty years, lost some of your spark, health concerns, ... well you need to join the Judith Miller Spa and Weight Loss Center at the acclaimed resort in Alexandria. Many pundits and left wing bloggers are getting upset that Judy did not have the goods to take down Rove or Libby. But thats not the question here. The Grey Hag has finally come out and explained the story..... Uh, maybe. You can read it for yourself, but trust me, you don't need to. Since I am not going to link the Hag, here is the source, then the only pertinent excerpt:

The Miller Case: A Notebook, a Cause, a Jail Cell and a Deal

At a gathering in the newsroom, she made a speech claiming victories for press freedom. Her colleagues responded with restrained applause, seemingly as mystified by the outcome of her case as the public.

"You could see it in people's faces," Ms. Miller said later. "I'm a reporter. People were confused and perplexed, and I realized then that The Times and I hadn't done a very good job of making people understand what has been accomplished."

Thats a really catchy title! I jest, yet the serious nature of the excerpt is clear. The Hag and her hadn't done a very good job explaining... I mean come on people! She is standing right in front of you! A new woman, 14 pounds lighter, some quality soul searching, how come her colleagues don't get it? They should be lining up in droves for a stay in her personal suite at the famous Virginia resort.

To add incredulity to this affair, Miller presented an award to Deep Throat, a first amendment award from the California First Amendment Coalition, on Saturday. Bet he is glad she was not the reporter he leaked to. Of course Judy just got her own first amendment award from the SPJ. Bet they wish they could take it back now. Journalists awarding sources, getting their own awards, small world. I wan't a second amendment award for packing heat. High on the list would be a 21rst amendment award. I digress. Now that the mystery isn't solved and the jury is almost over, it appears the sharks are willing to eat their own. Judy is going to need some ruby red slippers pretty soon.

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