Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ambassador Wilson Conspiracy

After a eventful fun day at redstate.org, I must document my newest theory. In comments on the provocative piece (which was mentioned in Rush Limbaugh's radio program) I heard someone say "Wilson voted for Bush". Then it struck me how the whole mess happened!

1. Valerie did not vote for Bush, gives a cool grand to Al Gore

2. Suffers postpartum depression just after Gore looses the recount

3. Joe voted for Bush, but wisely sides with Val in shear terror of new mom of twins

4. CIA central in WMD intel screwup

5. Val loyalties for CIA and hatred of Bush coincide for hubby political hit mission

6. Joe makes the best of his domestic situation and becomes a political whore

Its perfect! Explains every aspect of this mess except for the mysterious Judy situation. We will have to wait for that one I fear. So its indictment time and everyone giddy. Though I would lay down new background before this whole thing completely dies. Yeah, thats my prediction on the indictments. Boring.

1 comment:

hunter said...

I like it. Although I think Wilson was dem long before.
And the best thing about your theory is it is not a theory.