Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Spanish Unilateral Court

The Spanish leftists are at it again. A judge in Spain has issued warrants for the arrest of three U.S. soldiers in the situation involving the death of a Spanish journalist and cameraman. This is just the same infantile crap that two bit yellow socialist countries try in order to make a stink. Its the same as the anti-Semitic world court issuing warrants for Israeli generals and such. Just political screaming from America haters. If they really want to pursue this, they have to go through the already established relations with the U.S., and they will not do that, because the Spanish government would have to enforce with all countries its law on foreign soil which is as stupid as you can get. And its a slap in the face of the U.S. military, who the Spanish hate anyhow, as they did investigate this matter, and the requirement of the Spanish law is that the matter is not investigated in the foreign country. Hey, this is kinda like judicial unilateralism! We need to get into that. I think we should just apply US law to anyone who does anything to a US citizen anywhere. And then we can actually back it up, unlike the idiotic Spanish, with force! This could be fun, maybe they are onto something... I like it, forget the world court, since its so ineffective, we might as well do it for them.

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