Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Truth and Duty? Lies and Treachery

Mary Mapes has a serious problem. Apparently she is still convinced in the authenticity of the forged memos used in the Rathergate scandal. Her new book is coming out "Truth and Duty". Arrogance and Stupidity? Preponderance of Vacuity? I could go on, creating far more appropriate names for her book, and I have not read it. Don't need to. But lo and behold, who is doing a spread on Mary? Vanity Fair. Not going to read that either. All we need is a hint, and Editor and Publisher comes through.

In this quick overview, we find the stalwart investigator no longer believing in a free press. Such a shame! It looks pretty free to me. And if we can get rid of a few more lying partisan socialists parading as journalists, it will become more free. Some will shoot back, "What are you Carlos?" But that is a simian argument. This is not news. Its not even commentary as much as a fountain of rhetorical diatribe. I don't purport to tell the truth.

Miss Mary continues on to blast the blogs that broke the story as a carefully crafted national political campaign. Earth to Mary! What the heck do you call perverting the national news to spout your political hit piece? Wow, she needs a psychiatrist. She even likens the investigation into her obvious political craftiness as equivalent to McCarthy era communist purging. She comments that the investigation didn't even look into the validity of the documents. Mary! Earth to Mary! They are forgeries. I feel sorry for her. I would rather have her creativity not wasted in psychosis, but if thats the world we live in, then so be it. Hey, doesn't Dan still want to investigate this story? Maybe the could get together again privately. To Mary and Dan, FEA.

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