Friday, November 11, 2005

Judy Loves Her New Look?

If you wondered whether or not the mainstream journalist was out of touch, wonder no more. Our favorite word-smith from the Old Grey Hag has something to say now that her association with that vaulted edifice has been severed. Asked about what she would have done differently, she replied "...not that much." Oh this is good! So you would rot in jail again for no good reason? So you would try your best to become a media whore again? You would get canned from your job again? I am beginning to think that reality is so far removed from the world of mainstream journalism that they unconsciously rewrite their very existence as they go about life. Its not just revisionist history, its full blown delusional insanity.

At least she still has her Pulitzer. For reporting on terrorism. And most of that was reporting how Saddam's WMD were a huge threat to the free world. Convenient for the Old Grey Hag to can the lead on its unwaivering coverage of WMD and the lead up to the War on Terror, wait, the War on Iraq. Now they can remain pure in their accusations against the administration, because they were duped as well! Lied to, and led into supporting a war by a reporter with questionable methods. All we can do is sit back with incredulity and laugh ourselves silly. These people are not from this world, and deserve to go down in history as a stain on humanity. I wonder who will be next on the list for the Judy makeover? We have been having fun with Judy for a while, but I sense a slowdown in her ability to get exposure. Guess we will have to wait fo the book.

The Inflamitory: Judith Miller Spa: Returning Refreshed

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