Monday, May 08, 2006

Socialism Fails Again

I am happy to report that the most liberal socialist state in the union has tested another socialist program and found that it fails miserably. Yes, the gas cap is gone! Not that I, the consumer, will notice. Why? Well, we consistently had the highest gasoline price before the gas cap, during the gas cap, and now that its gone, the trend will continue. What is especially galling, is the fact that we could have cheap gas, but the collusion of true monopoly and tax happy government is a stranglehold on a population that more than tends towards sheep-like socialist liberal behavior. Let me explain. Our tax per gallon is well over fifty cents. That puts government in the pocket of more gas sold. We have two refineries. Hence the competition is negligible. For instance, some airlines actually ship their own jet-fuel here, which they find cheaper than purchasing from the local refineries. Why can we not ship gas here? We are toast. Plebeian fools, who refuse to grow some common sense.

On the good side, when something fails, everybody gets antsy and the legislature kills it off, slinks away to their lair, and dreams up some new scheme to save us from ourselves. If I sound pessimistic concerning our political representation, I am. There is no concept of conservative values in politics here. And we have our own special 'culture of corruption', simply from the historical plantation mentality that pervades the community. The plantations are gone, simply replaced by a government who fills the role. Fortunately, when we go fill our tanks in the future, we can at least delude ourselves that the market is working.

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