Thursday, May 25, 2006

Looming Unrest Destabilizing Our Government?

Ok, the title is a bit much, but I like it. Who knows what the future holds, but today's liberal mailbag has a bit of Big Brother in it to match my 'drive by media' titlle. And it will lead us to question the very fundamentals of our Constitution! Well, maybe not, but lets see where we end up:
Item one: On the local scene, the Mayor of Portland, the former Police Chief!!!, has filed a complaint with the Gestapo (the FBI) that they were trying to recruit spies in City Hall. The local gauliter in charge says there is no ongoing investigation. So…..why trying to recruit snitches? (Because Portland is sorta leftish perhaps??)

Item two: the same bunch, Henreich Gonzales Goon Squad, raided a congressmen’s office! For the first time The Leader has violated the separation of powers by actually coming up on the Hill and committing burglary and theft. Even the CCCRW Republican leadership is having a fit. Bout time!
On the first point, what does the City administration have to hide? Wouldn't they want to have liaison with federal law enforcement anyhow? And if the FBI felt the need for 'spies' in a city administration anywhere in the U.S., one would seriously wonder what was going on that prompted such action. This reeks of inanity and publicity. If it really comes about, we could have some fun, but I suspect that nothing will happen. It's way to ripe a situation if true.

On the second item, we have a very interesting situation. A congressman refused to allow the FBI access to his office. Has that ever happened before? No person seems very concerned about that. So what does the FBI do? Hmmm... The Executive Branch heads over to the Judicial Branch and gets a warrant. Then they conduct a search and viola! Screaming and ranting about the draconian tactics of the FBI. And what gets really weird, famed lib Barny Frank chastises the House leadership for complaining about a warranted search, yet doing nothing about Bush's 'domestic spy program'. Crazy! You can spy on the 'peons' without a warrant, but don't even think of touching a member of Congress, even if you get a warrant! Oh, this is going to be good.

Furthermore, what about that 'culture of corruption' meme? Seems William Jefferson (Dem), has a few issues. Is it a systematic, democratic, culture of corruption? To make things more fun, someone in the Justice Dept. leaks juicy tidbits about the current speaker of the House to ABC, who then runs a hit piece. Gee, only days after said speaker condemned the actions of said Branch of government. Does it seem that all these players have jumped off the cliff? Oh, and the Justice Dept. denies its investigation of the speaker... At least we know where the money was, in the freezer. That should solve Willy J.'s problem eventually.

My tittle seems appropriate now. If this is the focus of government, we are doomed. At least we will be entertained on our path to destruction! Ah, and I see that the Pres. has just frozen Willy's documents for 45 days, so the situation can 'cool off'. Cooler heads? Or more entertainment...

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