Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Cyber Shots Heard Round the World?

If you haven't been following the very real and nasty attacks against freedom perpetrated upon one of our cyber LRRP leaders ('lurps' tend to be the unsung front-line in modern war -real lrrps-), you need to get informed! Aaron has been surfing the friendly Islamic websites of love and come up with a few admirers. Yes, if you don't think its a culture war, you are in the cozy couch surrounded by Bud Light and Cheers reruns. We will all have to fight against a large population of otherwise peaceful Muslim's who in their core beliefs sympathize with these throwbacks to the Dark Ages. They will be successful in polarizing a large population, and we need to combat their effectiveness. One such method is to support the front-line, so go read more about Aaron's exploits. Battlefield promotion in the 101rst Fighting Keyboardists is in order.

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