Monday, May 01, 2006

The Physical, The Meta-Physical, and The Ridiculous

From time to time it behooves one to contemplate the essential nature of existence, some do this more than others, some not so much. Today we do it with the thought in mind of God's physical parameter space and requirement for human communication. In the seminal texts, God presented to man a way, physically, of approaching and drawing near. For instance, God gave clothing to Adam and Eve, He accepted the sacrifice of Abel, and developed that theme (the old dispensation) with the principals of the Mosaic Law.

The natural progression to the perfect sacrifice fulfilling this paradigm seems intuitive, does it not? And as a believer in that perfect love, I couldn't be more convinced. However, there are those who do not embrace this view (those poor lost souls...), and we need to contemplate on what kind of hope they have. First we turn to a question I have always had in regard to modern Judaism, then proceed on to question Muslim sanity. I must admit, it looks bad, but hang in there, and hate me if you want.

For the modern Jew: how do you get close to God without making a physical sacrifice? I mean, if you are still living under the Mosaic dispensation, you have to enter into the 'holiest' place through the sprinkling of blood for purification. Do you not believe this anymore? Or has God changed the way He interacts with you? Or are we (the collective Zionist wackos) waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple? What happens if you die before the Temple is rebuilt? Inquiring minds want to know. I ask this in earnest concern for your eternal destiny, as I see no indication in the Pentateuch where you have access to God without sacrifice.

Well, now that we ticked of my friends, we can move on to the Muslim faith. What are you people thinking? You have to follow a bunch of archaic laws, orient yourself geographically five times a day, and all for a tenuous dead guy. Were is the fun in that? Do you really think God cares about a certain place on the globe? And if He did, why would you think it would be out in the desert, and not in Antarctica, or Greenland? Anyhow, it appears there is a slight problem with Muslim space travel, pretty hard to stay pointed in the right direction!

Now for the finishing touch, for those who are interested in where Christians (well most of them, theoretically) believe the 'Holy of Holies' has run off to. If you remember, the priests had to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice within the inner tabernacle in ye olde dispensation, purifying themselves before entering in to the most holy place. Christ was offered up outside the city, and the blood spilled on the ground. If you have a ear to hear, then you will probably realize that in the new dispensation, God considers ever inch of the planet as a acceptable place to purify yourself and enter in to Gods presence.

In this light, I would remark unfavorably again towards the misguided Zionist. If you are a Christian, you should ask God whether He cares about any special place on the planet. In my opinion, the current 'Holy Land' is a place of misguided conflict. This un-Zionist view brings up the question of the vast misinterpretation of the book of Revelation and its application to modern times, but we will have to defer that discussion. Again, God cares not for Mecca, and even less for Jerusalem. His concern is for all men, and in that light, has given us a path to approach Him personally, one that each can pursue anywhere they are, and whatever direction they are facing. (...stepping down from the pulpit...)

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