Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cyber Terror Redux

It would seem that there are a few Islamofascist hackers out there as we have been noticing lately. Apparently aarons been attacked again, and some DDOS attacks have been perpetrated on well known hosts. Today check out The Jawa Report for a peak. For the actual retrograde minds who have sold their souls to the destructive and evil influences of Islamofascism, do something more constructive. These plebeian attempts at making a name for yourself, very weak. You have not even made the trade press in Internet security yet, let alone the mainstream media. You basically suck. Have you shaved you're anus lately? Something must be holding you back from real greatness. Think about it, what would that dead guy, Muhammad do in a situation like this? You should get some more evil inspiration soon...

I did get a bit of inspiration of my own, at the bottom of aarons hack, is the email for someone, possibly the hacker. Whois gives us Fastservers, INC. as the owner of the ip for xp020.com, although not guaranteed. A bit of mail may make 020 change his email address and/or hosting company. It's a small gesture, but simple enough:
to: abuse@fastservers.net

Are you the maintainers of the domain xp020.com? If so you may be interested in the activities of that domain with regard to the hacking of aarons.cc, a blog I appreciate. If this does not concern you disregard. The bottom of the hack page contains a "Mail To : 020@xp020[dot]com".
I wonder what the future holds...

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