Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Coldest Day On Record, Where is the Global Warming?

Yesterday we had the auspicious honor of the coldest day on record for that date (May 2) here in Honolulu. Yes, we suffered by at a high of 76° and a low of 60°, oh my, fire up the furnace! Get out the sweaters! How can this be with global warming beating down the door? Well, the Old Grey Hag does some science reporting, and today they report on a report. Yes, here is more proof of questionable science pandering to politicians who are brow beat by a nutter green media. In the report, they claim that discrepancies have been resolved with the twenty some years of satellite data that showed little tropospheric warming as opposed to the surface temperature. First, the satellite data sets are still in disagreement with surface temperature, but now the anomalies are positive and reasonably associated with other data. It still leaves in question what drives the earths atmospheric temperature although they make the claim that other measurable sources can not account for the increase of the last fifty years. Yet, if you took the same data from 1945 to 1975, you would have to explain what drove the decrease in global temperature. Anyhow, for more contrarian viewpoint for the layman, check out JunkScience on Global Warming, and a specific response to the report.

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