Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Typical Day of Flames

I too, get bored at times. To alleviate that boredom, I resort to antagonizing the left. What else satisfies like a good piece of email:
So, the DNC isn't going to have a debate on the FOX News Network.... What are you all afraid of? I thought it was the party of freedom, free speech, free expression. But no, they don't want to answer real questions do they. So, one conservative network vs five liberal ones. Can't take the heat. Hey, when is someone going to ask Hillary the last time she had sex with Bill? You know, like Wallace asking if Romney had premarital sex. Or when is Mathews going to ask Obama "what he hates most about America", oh, yeah, that won't happen either. Gee, what hard question has been asked of any leading Dem? Nothing. Its a plastic fantastic world in the liberal media. Have to keep the appearance up. What a farce.

Hey, I thought the Iraqis wanted us out of Iraq? What happened to your leftist free for all about the Iraq Parliament "resolution" to remove American troops? What happened in the Senate recently? Votes 67 again 29 for? I thought everyone was ready to pullout? I mean that's what libs have been saying... What the hell are those Dems doing! Didn't they win the Senate just to get us out of Iraq? Sheesh, your guys are duplicitous... Sad day for peacenik nutters.
I love the bit about Hill. Questions we all want to know... Anyhow, here is how far gone the left is:
Ah, well, to start with, there is no such thing as the Fox News Network. They don't do the news....

Second, there aren't any liberal news networks, let alone five. They are all corporate owned voices of the right.

A REAL liberal network would carry news from al-jaz for example. None do. They would show the film taken by cameramen in Iraq that show body parts, bodies with holes drilled in them, burning bodies in cars, and a lot of other stuff too. None do. Why? Because the corporate owners of the press know that if the US public saw what is REALLY going on in Iraq we'd have outta there years ago. There just is no hard news available to the US public. It's all rant and cant, fluffy soft don't offend nobody network oatmeal. I sent a flamer to Olbermann the other day when HIS program spent 35 minutes on Anna Nicole and Paris Hilton! I mean, this is NEWS? Since when. The US public is so incredibly stupid, dense and slow, living in it's cheap gas and instant gratification world that most would not know duck poop if one sat on their heads and shat on them. The real problem with democracy is that you ALWAYS get the government you deserve.
Whoa Nelly! Way out there eh? I love days like this.
Ah, I see that you are a open minded "fair and balanced" liberal indeed! So the corporate owned voices of the right are out to get you again! Look out for the Star Chamber minions! Oh those evil right wing corporations... Seriously, how can someone become so isolated from reality? Oh, you answer that! You actually watch Olbermann! You and the four other nutters in the country. Yes, MSNBC, bastion of balanced coverage (if your a white liberal male, like all the hosts). Oh, that is so good, you even sunk down to castigating the objective news leader himself for pandering to ratings. But, you do realize, that his ratings are in the toilet... It is a matter of survival! You should encourage such reporting so he can keep his show!

Now, about this insane crap about the networks showing us what is "REALLY" going on in Iraq. You are in outer space. Beyond Neptune, a very cold and lonely place. It's not enough to to the Jihadists propaganda line, as your liberal journalist nutters do, you want the Voice of Jihad itself! Yes, that's balanced coverage. You can stand both sides of an issue, so long as there are no conservatives. Oh such an open mind!

Lets see, have you seen a single mainstream news report about a successful operation by the US military? Hmmm, why not? We see lots of coverage any time there is a car bomb. Oh, but even that coverage is sterile, yes, where are the shot of the dead children killed by these insane death worshipers? Where are the shots of the maimed civilians? Where are the cameras chasing the ambulances to the hospital? Oh, silence. Yeah, your buddies control the media. They are liberal. They do not want to show anything that would possibly cause support for our troops, in any way. Your full of vile insanity, and you can't even see it. Oh, where is the death toll of terrorists? Silence... Where is the stoning of women for not wanting a arranged marriage? Where are your supposed feminists? Silence. It is all about political power, your liberal buddies would hang their own grandma to further the religion.

You say they are soft and fluffy and don't want to offend anyone, but that is equally stupid. I find it offensive to parade out every second the latest US death toll number. That is sacred to them. They rush to the wires at every roadside bomb, fits the liberal mold. No problem offending anyone there. But bring up 9/11, never. That would offend the victims (and generate support for our overseas policies). No, can't politicize that tragedy!

And to end with that wonderfull assessment of your fellow citizens speaks volumes. That is the attitude of your basic Stalinist. The core behind the evils of communism. The true selfishness of social humanism. "I am smarter, I am more qualified, I should lead you whether you like it or not!" Yes, complain on about democracy. You liberals actually long for something else...

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