Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Proof Some Democrats Are Fearful Simian Narcissists

This is to good to pass up. Every once in a while you must click through on the blog adds that show up in your own page. I could not resist this one: WHY MOMMY IS A DEMOCRAT. Oh, help me now, why is mommy a democrat? Well off we go to find out! OK, it is a kids book. Mommy is a cute little squirrel (yes, another Dem rodent), and has some cute little squirrellykins. And mommy is apparently worried that her little darlings will grow up to be mean ugly republicans, so she must indoctrinate them now. We get a few sample pages for free, oh goody.

The first sample panel has mommy with her cup of joe looking at her little charges sharing blocks. The text is "Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like Mommy does." In the background is a obviously rich couple walking past a bum on a park bench. How clever. But what message would the little darlings get who read such? Democrats equal Mommy... The state will take care of us, and make sure we share. Yes, start the victim culture early. Start the class envy from infancy. Makes you feel good all over. Oh, did I mention the clever artist has the letters for democrat on the blocks? But I found doormat as well, who knows what other subliminal messages are there!

Another panel has the caption "Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Mommy does." Quite original. The depiction is of a rampaging elephant, and Mommy shielding her little munchkins from sure destruction. I assume the theme continues on, with Mommy becoming the embodiment of all that is wonderfull about big government. Wait, did Dems make sure we are always safe? Didn't quite get that one. The last example panel has Mommy "making sure" that little sponges get to go to school, unlike the bum in the background watching the graduation of the rich kid. Yes, it's the child of those pesky rich people who wouldn't share. But that's not all we get from this website, more gifts abound from actual apes who purchased this Goebbelsian tome.

There is the core of my title to address, and how we do that is click over to the "testimonials" for pure wonderment. You be the judge of this collection of the disturbed. I will express one simple point that this page of accolades exposes so well, liberalism is a religion. They really believe this stuff, and want to indoctrinate their children in the "...long-standing beliefs of a true Democrat." I wonder if one of those long standing beliefs is freedom of choice. You know, like allowing their children to make informed decisions. Oh, that only counts with drugs and abortions. Go enjoy this garish exposition, and remember, liberalism is a religion. A church of narcissists, and dim witted ones at that.

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