Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Compassion and Immigration Palaver

Well, the Pres. ticked me off with his statement today. It was condescending and offensive to any intelligent conservative that feels strongly about the "amnesty" bill. Or should we call it the "conservative destruction" legislation? But I appealed to my better life, and tried to be persuasive and positive in this letter to George. Of course it is a given that it will be flushed in the great virtual "porta-loo" out back of the White House, but I feel better. Isn't that what really matters?
Dear Mr. President,

No argument seems to sway your current course concerning legislation before the Senate which is now increasingly viewed as "amnesty" by conservatives as it becomes publically digested. Would you perhaps look at this with a even higher perspective? It appears that you view your actions as compassion, and as a Christian, that is commendable. Yet is it in the scope of compassion to not enforce the law? Perhaps if the law was immoral, and against Christian principal your actions would be justified, but it is in the best interest of any country to preserve the "entrance to the house". By not enforcing the law, you give the impression that such laws do not matter, and encourage more to break the law. Could you not have prevented, through effective border security, the breaking of laws by millions of individuals? Is this part of your consideration?

I appeal to your love of God, America, and all humanity. God would not lead you, as the representative of our enforcement, to neglect that duty. Furthermore, the people of America can choose to legally invite many more to this country if that appears necessary. You could champion such a initiative, instead of this back door amnesty. As a further observation, the situation you have created, by not enforcing the law, is creating further problems in the future for America and her neighbors. Subsidizing a whole economy in Mexico will only lead to further erosion of that countries stability, not greater prosperity.

In closing, I would implore you to search your heart concerning what is the correct path. Ignoring the law and the American people is certainly not the correct path, no matter how deeply your compassion for the unfortunate. First enforce the law, then change it if you find it is not representative of our values. Consider who makes up the conservative base, and whether perhaps they are displaying God's heart in this matter. The path of true compassion will not be the path that ignores the law.

Why not push for a large increase in legal immigration? Why not actually enforce the law instead of giving it lip service? You know it is in your power to stop virtually all illegal immigration if you wanted, yet for some reason you can not see that as the compassionate choice. Let people come here "in the light" to start with, and we will build stronger communities irregardless of political stance. Is this not what is right? You want to bring them out of the "shadows", by effectively thwarting the laws we have already. Why are you promoting lawlessness?

In closing, it is very offensive to claim the current legislation is "right", and that those of us reading the legislation and finding fault with it are ignorant. It is no wonder the general population does not trust the government, or view it favorably. To be more specific, you are our representative, have some respect for those who supported you. May God give you grace and peace, illuminating the true path of compassion.

A faithful supporter,

Oh, I cc'd Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney, in the hope of fame and fortune of course... Well, I'll pass on the fame. OK, forget the fortune as well, "hope deferred makes the heart sick..."

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