Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration Bill: Border Fence Lies and Subterfuge

Forget all the swirling rhetoric about the back stabbing sycophant Senators. Nevermind the parade of simian intelect by the Republican leadership. Forget refilling your high blood pressure meds when you hear McCain rasp about another body blow to the base. No, lets just look at a few of the special bits contained in the legislation concerning securing the border.

What I am talking about is the "comprehensive" fence which is becoming the "imaginary" fence. You know the one that is supposed to help secure the border. It has become hypothetical, yet there is legislation passed last year requiring it. So why aren't they building it? Anyhow, it shrunk. Yep, down to 370 miles. And not only that (Sec.106.c):
The Secretary shall construct not less than 370 miles of triple-layered fencing which may include portions already constructed in San Diego Tucson and Yuma Sectors
Yes, lets add it up what that means. We clearly can subtract the 14 miles in San Diego. Definitely they will take off the ten miles of Minuteman fence. Possibly the 75 miles of reservation cattle fence? For Yuma another 20 miles of existing fence. Then the arbitrary length of existing fence in Texas and New Mexico. A conservative guess could be 50 miles, though there is no specifics, hence they may be claiming more cattle fence to upgrade eventually. Who knows? With the numbers above, we have just over 200 miles of new fence to be built, somewhere, sometime. We are being had here, for sure.

Why are they doing this? If we really cared, we could do anything. Close the border completely, like many other countries. We could easily deport most illegal immigrants, not that I advocate that. But why are they not securing the border? Why not just increase legal immigration dramatically? The whole issue has become a twisted push to reward lawbreakers, and invite a new wave of the same. Very strange. We should fight it on principle, and specifically demand that, no matter how many people they want to give our wealth and freedom to, we don't have to see it stolen from us again. Which is easy, build a big, long fence.

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