Thursday, May 03, 2007

From Jimma to Castro, Why Liberals Long For A Stalinist State

I found the new post by zombietime to be most informative. So informative in fact that I had to spread the love to my favorite lib:
Jimma went to Berserkeley to spout on about his anti-semitism apparently. This little album of events is more telling than a hundred articles: Demonstration at the Jimmy Carter Appearance in Berkeley

Oh my, why would leftist anti-semites thank Jimma? Your in a great crowd of the confused it seems, label wise. Reminds me of the evergreen nuts, passionate, evocative, and completely brainless. Progressive indeed... Pretty good representation of the nutters.

How about those Obamaites? Never miss a chance... Here it's the Kucinich wackos. Got their table up all the time. Can't figure them out... So much effort, so little brain. And he is dead in the water. I guess they must figure it's fun or something, then just vote for Obama after Dennis the Menace falls flat again.
Of course we expect something glorious and informative in reply:
Well, when you are wrong you are at least consistent...

Being anti-Israeli government policy is NOT the same as being anti-Semitic or, more accurately, since Palestinians are also Semites, anti-Israel. Being anti-American government policy is NOT the same as being anti-American, or, more accurately, anti-American democracy (which Bush is).

As I say, wrong, but consistently wrong...
Wrong, wrong, wrong! Can I be so wrong? If the shoe fits, and Jimma's seems to. But the far more interesting parallel occurs at the point of claiming Bush is against democracy. Very odd, and harkens back to the theme of liberal moral relativism. But the extension of the parallel is even better:
Ah, your own personal inconvenient truth? Confusion? Try to stay with the flow... Being a supporter of Hamas, PLO, or any other various terrorist organizations bent on Israels distruction is qualification enough for the classic slur of anti-semite. But you don't like it, now you want 'accuracy' and redefinition?

So, Bush is anti-Democracy? Just because he won't do your bidding? You sound like a typical modern liberal, who can't accept democracy if it takes away some of your power. Your all for democracy if you win, but revert to wannabe Stalinist if you loose. Still crying about January 2001, the root of all liberal evil.

Lets investigate this Anti-American government thing.... In a democracy, wouldn't you accept the will of the people? The president is elected by the people, but you can't accept it. Emotionally you reject the fact, you denigrate the majority who voted, and try to thwart the majorities rule. Sounds like you liberals are not to happy with democracy. Sounds like confusion, jealousy, and a lust for power that's been deferred (making the heart sick).

But more nefarious is the attempt at usurping the duly elected Administration through means which clearly benefit enemies and harm America. That is not anti-American government policy, that is treachery. And all for political gain, the cheapest of illicit rewards. What does inspire such action? What common thread inspires the pond scum amalgamation of modern liberal peacenik socialist nutters? We need a example that captures the heart of this question, and to the south, in Cuba, there is such a metaphor.

Why do socialist pig journos love Castro? Why do influential leftist pig Hollywood elites love Castro? Why do duplicitous democrat leaders love Castro? Contained in this heady amour are the clues to modern liberal motivation. Ultimately the adoration connects to Castro's absolute power, and it's what liberals subconsciously want. They naturally gravitate to that power. Why do they long for that power? They internally despise your average Joe, and think he is too stupid for his own good. They resent the majorities values and choices, and want to throw off that control, whether consciously or suppressed deep in the psyche. Castro's power, and any other Stalinist thug, does not depend on the 'whims of the masses'.

From whence springs this resentment? What engenders a individual to loath the values of his fellow countryman? Is not the principal of Liberalism openness and inclusion? Freedom of expression, freedom in all aspects of life... Yet the vocal leaders in this leftist fold look up to a communist dictator. What does this tell us? Are modern socialist scum really willing to sell out the power each individual lends to our government for the comfort of absolute rule? Is the feeling of superiority a posture of defense, isolating and insulating oneself from the ideals of the general public?

It is my opinion that the religion of liberalism either collects individuals who act out their fear in defensive superiority or creates such members through emotional collectivism. Whether absorbed or created, the outcome is the same, they fear the general public, distrust the average Joe, and do not want to submit themselves to a government elected by such. Hence the severe dimorphism of Democrat party members (as in democracy) apparently longing for Stalinist control.

A honest supporter of democracy would embrace the decision of the majority, and if in disagreement, would try to convince the majority of the benefit and positive outcome of the views put forth in future elections. That is not acts or intention of modern liberals. They have no views to put forth, only criticism. They attempt to thwart the decision of the majority, they question the validity of the democratic system, even go so far as to risk national intrests simply for grabs at power.

What is next? Will they turn to more destructive means to implement socialist ideals? If the elected President is the object of ignorant hatered, and a communist thug is idolized, what benefit lay upon the path of these simian nutters? They call for freedom, yet long for a king to rule over them. But I should now retreat from my high perch, denigrating the denigrators, despising the despisers, taking the uber elite stance above the elites. I descend to the masses, and thank God for Grace. There is no average Joe. Every American has the opportunity to excel, as well as the freedom to forgo excellence. Whether fat and happy, or stressed and bothered, we have the greatest country in the history of civilization, and the chance to make it even better. One of the paths to a better America is the exposure of liberal insanity, so end my latest contribution.

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