Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Liberals Will Claim Anything!

Ok, maybe that is a bit to broad, but I need catchy titles for the regular feature here of incendiary banter between your esteemed columnist and the liberal fringe. Without further ado...

(from the mailbag)
Subject: RE: U.S. Trade Deficit Hits New Record of $68.9 Billion (no link, the NYT wants $)

You state: "So, how do you justify massive tax cuts for the rich with these tremendous trade deficits? Neocon idiocy!"

I reply: "How do you make such weak fallacious statements? Its easy, bury your head in the sand and ignore the most robust economy in years."

The whole class warfare redistribution crap is so old. Not only that, it's stupid. Use your NYT for more useful problems like wrapping fish or starting the yule log. Hey! What happened to the "million jobs gone" and "worst economy in years"? Wasn't that just one year ago? A lie then is still a lie now.

Gee, a new low! A triple diversion!
Did I say anything about the robustness of the economy? No.
Did I say anything about income redistribution? No.
Did I say anything about loosing a million jobs? No.

Now, the economy ain't very robust (look at housing related, deficits, negative savings rates and on and on), income redistribution IS a legitimate function of government (just a function the rich don't like), and the jobs situation is awful (we're almost back to the level of employment we were at a few years ago, but that's not accounting for jobs needed by a growing workforce).

The question asked was, who in their right mind would give tax cuts to the least deserving/needy thus decreasing revenue income while at the same time losing hundreds of billions of dollars as Americans buy overseas, borrow billions to pay for debt, export jobs and grow the national debt as well as the trade deficit? What kind of economic policy is that? What, you don't think the trade deficit means anything at all?

Getting a bit feisty? First, how do I justify tax cuts for the rich? Well for one, tax cuts tend to make the economy grow. And for two, the only people paying significant taxes anymore are the rich. Do you want growth? I don't think so. You just want class warfare in the hopes it helps you politically. Stupid. Growth is what benefits the lowest strata socioeconomically, not self defeating entitlement programs. Growth provides more opportunities, more incentives, higher standards of living for everyone. Socialist idiocy suppresses growth, enlarges the population of the unwilling, and injects the country with a insidious malaise.

You state that the economy isn't very robust. What are you people taking? Its the most robust major economy in the world! What, pray tell, is better? Unbelievable. The jobs situation is awful? Yeah, its awful in France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, and really bad in Poland. The US is at the top. More redefinition of the problem to suit your political position. As far as the redistribution of wealth, its legitimate for a immoral governmental philosophy like socialism. And its not the rich that don't like it, its the pool of voters your philosophy panders to that do like it. That is another one of the liberal BIG lies for convenient political gain.

As far as coupling the trade deficit to taxation, its a dubious link. And there are viable contrarian apolitical perspectives on interpreting trade deficits such as this Congressional Testimony. The only place you will get me in concurrence, is with the continued deficit spending. Enough already. The thwarted recession did not apear, and yet we are still writing every check. And what the heck is a conservative President doing INCREASING entitlement spending! He will be pushing LBJ numbers for increased spending soon. You vote and vote for a certain product, and for some reason it never arrives.

Again, its typical liberal lies and drivel to equate tax cuts with the needy and deserving. You cut taxes on the most productive members of society in order to increase growth. It has nothing to do with the deserving or needy. Surprisingly, income goes up, which you can not seem to grasp, and refuse to acknowledge, even when its happening. Anyhow, you forgot to throw in the war on this round, and how its bankrupting us. Sheesh, get with the message!

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