Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Liberal Hand of Friendship

Have you heard this inanity frothing from a liberal mouthpiece yet? When I first read this I though, "Gee, maybe we should give them some guns, provide free health benefits, and a retirement package as well?"

"You have to extend your rights and courts to the enemy, Or you won't have them for yourself."

This is evidence of the complete degeneracy of the left. The stupidest thing possible. Talk about wanting to destroy your own country. Our rights and our courts are part of America, not some global democracy. They are for Americans, and we in turn, give the government our support to protect those rights and courts and everything else that constitutes our society. If someone wants to form their own country with similar benefits, good for them, and we should support that. If someone wants to emigrate here, well, we aren't exactly turning anyone away. But to think that a group of our own citizens wants to eviscerate the very foundations of citizenship, and do it for a group of people who's intention is to destroy us, is unimaginably traitorous. Al Qaida could not have created in a hundred years a better ally than the leftist in the West.

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